I hurt the kidneys or the back as to identify and distinguish

The causes of the occurrence of osteochondrosis, and therefore, the back pain, it can be several:

  • A bad position during sleep;
  • Expansion of the physical activity.
  • Sitting activities of the team;
  • Of inflammation and infection;
  • Pathology of the joints;
  • The inheritance;
  • Diabetes mellitus;
  • The subcool.

The main causes of back pain

the pain in the kidneys or in the back

For the treatment and prevention of degenerative disc disease and other diseases of the joints and the back, our readers use a quick method and bezoperatsionnogo the treatment recommended by the leading orthopedists. After carefully reading with him, we decided to offer to him and to his care....

How to distinguish a problem?

To distinguish the illness from the symptoms in the home, if you pay attention to your state of health.

Thus, while the osteochondrosis or arthritis, the patients suffer from sudden changes of aches and pains during physical exercise, it produces a spasm and improves with the use of the heating ointments.

If you don't know what hurts, the loin or the kidney, as identify the cause, not visiting a doctor? To do this, you need to submit, where is the internal organ, as well as knowledge about the differences in the pathogenesis of the inflammation and the degenerative disease of the lumbar disc.

If you compare the key symptoms of the disease, you can distinguish clear differences. As we have already said, the pain in the kidneys that manifests itself in a state of rest, and especially at night.

While the osteochondrosis will be released during or after physical activity. Therefore, pre-can be same in the diagnosis.

Types of pain in diseases of the dorsal muscles and the spine

Back pain is the sharp, sometimes accompanied by a feeling of intense pain, which hinders the entire process of straightening. Often spinal pain is centered in the middle of the back, or is integrated in the lower extremities.

The pain of degenerative disc disease or sciatica, you can increase the pain in the lower back, which in turn hampers the movement and mobility of the lumbar departments are located in the muscle spasm. To relieve the discomfort and the attacks can cause the warming ointment, gel, or use a warming double blade.

For information! The discomfort of pain in the lumbar area can manifest itself because of the awkward posture, lifting the gravity or the excess of movement.

Difference of symptoms

How to understand that the pain of the kidneys? To do this, it is necessary to understand that the pain is in the kidney. Most common of the kidney disease of the authority are pyelonephritis of different ways. Getting sick is possible even after a hypothermia, heavy physical load and awkward posture, in this case, the pain may be reflected in any place of the back.

How to determine that a pain in the kidney, the authority or the back? To do this, you should pay attention to the kidneys of the symptoms and the general well-being, which accompany, in the period of inflammation:

  • permanent and intense painful sensations, regardless of the posture;
  • frequent or painful urination;
  • the attacks of nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite and weight;
  • chills, increased sweating, the body temperature;
  • the formation of edema on the face, limbs and other parts of the body, that the night may go away;
  • the attacks of headache, the sudden jumps in blood pressure;
  • weakness, feeling of unwell, indolent state, weakness, fatigue.

Also the distinctive feature of the kidney inflammation is the change of the urine becomes a deep colour, and also has a certain amount of impurities and the formation of drops.

Important! If you have the symptoms, it is advised to consult a specialist and check organs. Not-self, as this can aggravate considerably the state of health.

To begin the treatment, it is important to understand, that the authority is concerned about the person. If it hurts the body the urine, this is not always speech pathology. Discomfort in the back area the typical attacks of appendicitis, and bile abdominal pain, and pyelonephritis. If the same person has the disease of the authority of the urine, can highlight general characteristics of the local. To the first concern:

  • a pale color of the skin;
  • swollen face in the morning;
  • the increase of the pressure;
  • the fast fatigue, weakness;
  • chills;
  • periodic headaches.

Speaking of the local symptoms: pain in the kidneys, the most obvious is the discomfort in the lumbar area. The pain intensifies when urinating, certain movements, for example, if you put on your socks and abruptly turn and go back. Other local signs:

  • specific, the smell of urine;
  • ammonia odor of your mouth;
  • small "pimples" on skin coverage of the earth;
  • the increased need to urinate, pain;
  • a reddish tinge in the urine.

The symptoms of kidney disease in women

To know that pain or kidney have inflamed strong intervertebral discs m? s possible, on the basis of the symptoms and manifestations.

The disease The manifestations of
The osteochondrosis or rheumatism — Throbbing and sharp pain in the back, the lumbar area;
— Tensile strength (feeling of curves and slopes;
— Improvement in the time of the suspension or after the adoption of the horizontal position;
— The location of the pain in the center of the back;
— Spasms of the muscles;
— Facilitate the offense after rubbing and warming ointments.
Pyelonephritis, kidney stones or other diseases of the kidneys — There is almost no pain in the back, but it can be painful and temporary;
— Pain comes not to the change of posture in supine position;
— Ointment and ointment anti-inflammatory not give a result, only help the pain medications;
— The sensation of pain are concentrated in the area of location of the kidneys.
the back pain

Distinguish general and of manifestation that are inherent to osteochondrosis lumbar of the division and the renal pathology:

  • Of high temperature;
  • Fatigue, general weakness;
  • The swelling in the extremities;
  • The constant need to urinate;
  • Swelling in the places of location of the foci of inflammation.

If the pain has found suddenly, and before the go to your doctor you need an immediate relief of symptoms, the experts give a simple recommendation. How to determine hurt the kidneys or the back? Often sharp, stabbing and acute pain indicates in rheumatoid arthritis.

The inflammatory processes in the kidneys is manifest in another way. Carefully look at your state during the day.

Thus, the pyelonephritis may not be accompanied by cutting pain in the lumbar area, and have hidden symptoms (impairment of well-being, the violation of urination, the appearance of the gravity in the area of the kidneys).

Metastases are secondary education, which have malignant cancer process. Metastases in the kidney are found more frequently by the cancer processes are able to give common side of the lamps. The presence of metastasis says that the cancer is passed from the phase, and the secondary ones are the focal points of the greater severity of the pathology, in comparison with the primary tumor.

It is worth noting that the metastases in the kidney have virtually no symptoms, the functions of this organ are violated rarely. Diagnosed foci, as a general rule, in the process of the survey, but it is already too late to begin an effective treatment.

The methods of diagnosis

Determine the disease of a body-very difficult without consulting a specialist and thorough. For example, how to determine that a backache or kidney, he knows that only the doctor. Although there are a number of symptoms, you can understand that the health problems are, precisely, in the kidneys. To do this, it is necessary to know exactly where to find this pair of organs and of how to manifest the sensations of pain associated with them.

Many of you know that when I hurt the kidneys, the unpleasant sensations are referred to the lumbar area. However, this type of disease, such as osteochondrosis, it can also occur in the place. As well as knowing if the pain or kidney is a sign of another illness? The easiest way is to light tapping at the bottom edge. This action must be fairly strong pain in the lower back.

It is worth noting that in the cases in which it is problems with the kidneys, the pain can be distinguished from the constant of nature, that is to say, the unpleasant symptom does not abandon the sick when changing the position of the body, or changes the nature of the movements. More often hurt the kidneys in the night. For comparison, the pain in disorders musculo-motor apparatus are always related to the movement of the person and manifest themselves periodically.

If this is the kidney disease, in addition to constant discomfort in the lumbar area, may include symptoms such as dryness of mouth, constant thirst, nausea and vomiting, lack of appetite, weight loss drastic, vision problems, as well as the swelling of the extremities.

In some cases, you may notice the impurities from the blood in the urine and increased body temperature. In addition, problems with the kidneys give rise to a violation of urination, the change of the flavors and unpleasant ammonium smell from your mouth.

Characteristics of the treatment

Say about the presence of diseases of the kidneys is possible only after a medical examination. Then, patients spend in the hospital and start the treatment.

For the treatment of inflammation in the intervertebral discs, degenerative disc disease or rheumatism, should initially be diagnosed. To do this, patients are subjected to an external inspection, ct scan, or ultrasound, to measure the pressure in the vessels spread the general analysis of blood.

After this, you can be assigned:

  • The bed rest;
  • The moderate exercise;
  • The massage and the friction of the ointments;
  • The reception of blockers, and anti-inflammatory medications;
  • Acupuncture and reflexology;
  • The dry heat or hardware of the procedures in the hospital;
  • Gymnastics;
  • Massage cupping;
  • The diet;
  • The treatment of inflammations and autoimmune diseases.

The course of treatment is only carried out by the medical doctor and the physiotherapist, but it is necessary to remember that when acute or chronic form of osteochondrosis of pain in the back can't perform the massage, the gymnastics.

Since this leads to the dislocation of the vertebrae, jamming the nerves and the deterioration of the situation of the sick. When sudden, permanent, and cutting pains in the back, the position of the body can be confirmed with the cast.

After that the patient will analysis, do an ultrasound, x-ray of the back (in the case of suspicions of osteochondrosis or arthritis), the doctor assigned therapeutic in the course of treatment. During the examination of the patient, the doctors rattle side of the hand, the area of the waist.

If the patient feels pain inside, that's clearly indicated in the inflammatory processes in the area of the kidneys. In addition to the prescription drugs, doctors prescribe mode, the peace and the curator of the load.

It is important to review the diet, remove the salt and spicy, dairy products, as well as adjust the amount of fluid intake. Quickly deal with the pain (when the compliance of the diet) will help the cooking of corn stigmas.

Now you can choose the one that hurts, the loin or the kidney. The causes and nature of pain is described in detail.

We emphasize once more that there is to self-medicate and pull to go to the doctor.

the diagnosis

To get rid of a bad symptom, such as pain in the kidney, you must first uproot the cause, for which you should consult a doctor, submit to and respect all the indications of the doctor during the treatment.