Back pain: what to do, how to determine that

Very bad, when the man starts something painful. Each one of us has ever experienced the pain, and these sensations feel like quicker to overcome, to be in a perfect state of health. But sometimes it happens that the pain does not go away by itself and has to take a series of measures. It is likely that, without the help of doctors practically in many situations that we can not do, and, if any part of our body starts to hurt, we try to visit to the clinic, to learn more about your state. In this article, we will discuss the question of the pains in the back, as well as everything related to them.

Types of back pain and its causes

the back pain

The back, as it is known, is slow-moving, a part of our body. To ensure the regular exercise of the back, which will help you avoid future injuries and damages, it is necessary to do exercise regularly. For example, the hands and feet can be trained, even in a natural way and without effort – what happens during the normal hours of walking, when wearing something weighted.

Many of us surely have heard about that the cold can't be cured, it is over two weeks will be held in himself. And that is with regard to the back, this with it is not. The back pain cure years, and the positive results cannot be expected. If you see the statistics, then it is easy to see that with the complaints of back pain that gets almost the same amount, as with acute respiratory infections. What should you do if you have a back pain?

The pain felt by the person, may indicate the presence of different diseases of the spine, as well as other internal organs. To correctly identify the disease and the diagnosis, the doctor will have to perform studies, make the necessary analysis, and, perhaps, will be required to undergo an ultrasound. The pain may be pulling as in the area of the back and the lumbar area. She abruptly of give in the chest, the legs and up the belly.

The main causes of back pain:

  1. Quite frequent cause of back pain may be not only of the disease from the area of neurology, but also those that are related to the endocrine system. Take, for example, osteoporosis is a disease goes completely unnoticed, and the complaints of the sick of the back are the only symptom.
  2. Very often you can hurt your back, if a person is sick with the pleurisy. In this case, occurs in the acute or chronic process in the lungs of the patient. The man appears cough, shortness of breath, very strong chest pain, frequently, also the increase of the temperature.
  3. Diseases of the kidneys, can very well be one of the reasons that suffers from back pain. This happens, for example, urolithiasis or pyelonephritis.
  4. In very rare cases, back pain is called metastasis of cancer in the spine. It also appears the pain, that it is very difficult to withstand.
  5. In the case of the osteochondrosis, can be observed even dystrophic of the breach in the articular cartilage. This disease best of all, it is a massage and reflexology. You can even use acupuncture.
  6. When he progresses intervertebral hernia, the person feels quite severe pain, and you will not be able to deal with it. To improve the general condition of the patient usually apply novocaine blockade.

In any case it is worth consulting a doctor

Began to notice that the pursuer's pain I worry each time more and each time will become stronger and nevinosimee? Then there was the urgent need to have a health-care institution. By telephone or via the internet-the diagnosis no one would, and very often you can find people who are looking for a response to your question about the health internet. Should not be done as well as strong self harm, in addition to losing valuable time which can be used in the doctor's visit. Therefore, only the reception staff of the good doctor will help you cope with the disease.

Everyone knows that the correct diagnosis, which is placed at an early stage is key to the success of the treatment. If you defer the visit in the hospital, you are given the opportunity to some of the processes in your body beyond of progress, and the consequences can be more sad. A similar attitude in regards to their health, sometimes leading to a severe surgical intervention, interventions, perhaps even to the disability.

Not worth to determine the diagnosis by yourself and choose the treatment. Now, you must make an appointment with your doctor, and already is, in turn, may refer you to a specialist, you will write the address of the delivery of the required tests. Only after all this will pondrn the diagnosis. In this case, with disease of the back, very often, go out of the survey with the urologist, trauma, make x-rays and ultrasound.

Help yourself at home

the treatment of the back

If you know exactly what that back pain is due to bad posture, it is necessary to help himself. A bad posture, as it is known, creates a tension in the spine, which leads to the various pathologies. Promotes the stay in uncomfortable positions for long hours, your sedentary lifestyle.

You must take care of your health, do exercises for your back and entire body. A great way to relax the back – vis the fixed bar. Also a good place to practice swimming, in the water of our back can relax, as it takes its natural position.

It is very important to know if every day for a few minutes to be standing next to the wall touching it by the nape of the neck, shoulders, buttocks and calves, a simple exercise to develop the perfect posture and is a good prevention to maintain the correct position of the body.

Of course, each one of us knows that the treatment at home is very dangerous, but to help deal with the acute pain can and should be. You can even help to regulate a shower with room-temperature water, apply traction on the solid surface.

Back pain during pregnancy

Often, young people who are in the interesting situation, arise pains in the back. Especially towards the end of the term for approximately 75% of women suffer from this drawback. In most cases, it is the complaint spine due to the new load, that is the one that causes perhaps worrying the pain. Often during pregnancy or back pain due to the aggravation of the degenerative disc disease, or due to diseases of the kidneys, not only of load, may be the cause of their sufferings.

To relieve their suffering, and pregnant women, it is recommended to lie on your side until the total care of the pain. You can zoom in to the back of the dry heat, the ointment. Ointment should choose a doctor, as well as for pregnant women is very dangerous.

Women, who have often experienced back pain during the pregnancy, tend at the time of delivery of epidural anesthesia. The last is effective and safe method of anesthesia. But, however, this method is considered as the physician of the intervention, it has its contraindications and complications. Anesthesia increases the duration of labor, which can bring the use of medical instruments to help the woman.