Recommendations Valentin Dikul hotel, exercises for the back

Pathology of the locomotor system, deal with today one of the main places of the prevalence. Especially frequent in injuries of the spine. Year after year, the statistics show a high post-traumatic growth in the states. It is not surprising. Since the development of the technique causes an increase of accidents on the road, on the job. For these patients develop rehabilitation activities.

Today recognized as the most effective methodology of Valentin Dikul hotel. The treatment of the spine of his method almost 100% of the cases, allows you to recover surprised with the segment of the spinal column, to return the patient motor activity.

The basic rules

The author of the methodology, in the past, he was himself a disabled person, in chains, in the opinion of the doctors forever to a wheelchair. The desire to live a full life and get out of doing the impossible.

Developed by the methodology is a comprehensive system of exercises which revitalize and strengthen the entire body. All training sessions are created on the personal experience and the knowledge, on repeated occasions have been subjected to test his followers in the practice.

Before you begin to study, you should familiarize yourself with the rules, which are an integral part of the methodology of Valentin Dikul hotel.

For back pain

  1. Follow the recommended order of the execution of the classes.
  2. The approaches should be to do exactly as much as is indicated in the program.
  3. Do not overload the body, gradually ask your training.
  4. The classes must be done on a regular basis. As possible through the day.

The repetition and approaches

  1. Strictly observe the number of repetitions and.
  2. Please read carefully the detailed instructions of how to perform the exercises Valentin Dikul hotel. Classes without a break or with the chosen at random, breaks — are not valid.

The movement

  1. Be sure to observe the total range. This will allow you to work without the muscles, which assumes the direction of the load.
  2. The fast pace of this system excludes.
  3. The methodology is based on slow, gentle, the lucidity of the movements. Jerks and sudden movements are not valid.

Activities for the strengthening of the muscle tissues of the back

The strengthening of the lumbar area

These exercises Valentin Dikul effectively resets the joints of the spine, the muscles of the role cervical, brachial, lumbar, and thoracic departments, improve the overall well-being.

Strengthen the muscles of the lumbar area

The exercise involves the supine position. The hands should be dilute in the palm side down. Top of the division should not break the surface. At this time, the left thigh very gently turn clockwise up to the stop. Comes out of the left leg of the surface, but the right remains closely supported. The position should remain seconds at 2-3. In forward, no problem to return to its initial state. The exercise is repeated on the left side opposite of the hip.


On the right and on the left side, it is recommended to perform 8 reps by 1 approach. This system implies that during the first 2-3 classes are done only 1 approach. For the following 2-3 — it is advisable to make 2 approach. And in addition, the idea of Valentin Dikul hotel, the 3 of approach.

It is important not to forget that accompanies. Between the approaches of rest has a duration of 2 minutes.
The strengthening of the back

Lying on the floor. The legs are raised on one side so that the feet were at a distance of the shoulders. Arms crossed on the chest. Best, for The strengthening of the back the balance, are taken by the shoulders. In the inhalation unfolds slowly in the body up to the stop on the right side. From the ground separates from his left shoulder. The legs, the pelvis remaining stationary. Take as second in the 2 and return to the starting position. The treatment is the back, it means the exercises, and on the other side.

The reps.

To 8 times in each one of the parties. For the first 2-3 classes of a single approach. Next 2 or 3 sessions is done 2 approach. Then we move on to 3 sets. The rest in between of 2 minutes. This system of repetitions and approaches guarantees an exceptional result.

We strengthen the lateral muscles of the back

Again the situation in the back. The feet connect together, socks to push himself. The hands are recommended to be placed to the sides, with the palms of the hands facing down. Without lifting the floor the neck, the shoulders and the head, move over the surface of both feet, performing the sliding motion. When this up-lifting.

During this exercise, the treatment of the spine is based on strengthening the side muscles of the waist and abdomen.

In the position take seconds on 2-3 and, with care, go back to the original. To strengthen your back to perform the occupation, and on the other side.

The reps.
Strengthening the side muscles of the

In this lesson, carrying out the system of repetitions and approaches, as in the previous exercise.

We reinforced the chest of the division of

During the execution of the exercises of the legs must not leave the ground. The position of the back. The feet occupy the position of the width of the shoulders. The hand must cross in the chest with the palms of the hands of the arms. Without lifting the head, the neck, the back of the surface, you must remove the lean towards the left. At this time, the legs and the pelvis should be as close to the ground. Persistent in 2-3 seconds, gently return to the initial state. The same is done on the other side.

The reps.

For this exercise, it is recommended that the system of repetitions and, as in the second lesson.

The strengthening of the back

Stand exactly, suspended in the air towards the muscles of the back and neck. Look ahead. Gently take out a small tilt. The position of the back should remain straight. Of the hand of some down and bend the knees. During the year, the pope several "leaves". In such a situation, stay 2-3 seconds, then slowly return to the original.

The reps.

For this exercise, the system consists of 3 approaches that contain 8 repetitions. For beginners it is recommended to 1 approach. Rest has a duration of 2 minutes.

Strengthen the posterior surface of the hip and back

Take a position in the stomach. Place the hands with the palms facing up. For the correct position of the neck, the chin should touch the floor. The feet are firmly anchored. Separate the trunk at the maximum, at the same time raising the hands upward. The position of the neck and be faithful, if you are watching in front of himself. Take seconds to 2-3 and return to the starting position.

The strengthening of the спены and the back of the thigh
The reps.

The treatment of the spine involves 8 repetitions. Beginners perform one approach. The 2-minute break.

We will strengthen the abdominal muscles, obliques

Lie on your left side. Left arm is extended in front of him. The palm of the hand is located on the surface of the soil. The right hand should lift upward, touching with the palm of their sex.

Exclusively direct to the right with the arm and the leg must lift and pull to the other at the same time. Exercise involving a neck work. The head lifts, the eyes directed to the front. Just 2-3 seconds and slowly occupy the initial position.

For the treatment of the spine is effective, this exercise is carried out and on the right side of the user.

The reps.

One of the approaches — 8 repetitions in one direction and then in another. The pause is 2 minutes.

Pull of the lumbar muscles

Lying on the floor. The maximum relax the muscles of the neck. The position of the spinal column exclusively direct. Bend your legs, pulling as close as possible to the buttocks of the feet. Then, just as gently returns to its initial state.

The reps.

The treatment of the spine is based on 3 approaches of 12 repetitions. For beginners — 1 approach. Rest has a duration of 2 minutes.

Strengthen the muscles of the press

Lying on the surface of the soil. The hand was behind the head, bend at the knees. The feet must be supported on the ground. In this exercise, you will effectively engage the muscles of the neck. Without lift the feet, lift the head and shoulders. Feel how the muscles of the neck, pulling the head with the shoulders forward. Stay in 2-3 seconds. To do this, it is recommended to tighten the muscles of the neck. Next gently occupies the initial position.

The reps.

Do 3 sets, each of which contains 12 repetitions. Beginners perform 1 approach. Rest should be 2 minutes.

The uniqueness of the methodology

Described a series of exercises aimed at strengthening of the spine. It is not only in the development of talent of the author. Incredible the doctor has created a complete system of exercises for the different departments of the backbone, centred on the strengthening the muscular device.

Complex Dikul hotel Valentin are rare in people with lesions of patients with severe diseases of the locomotor apparatus.

It has developed effective prevention complex for the staff of the office, to the drivers. Do not overlook your care and that of children.

The methodology of Valentin Dikul hotel is based in the fight against the disease and its goal is the victory over them. In this lies their uniqueness. Because many of the techniques of your order to see the adaptation and habituation of the patient to the role of the person with a disability.

It is not necessary to treat the joints of the pills!

Have you ever experienced the unpleasant discomfort in the joints, annoying back pain? Judging by what You are reading this article You or your loved ones face with this problem. And You know what that is:

  • the impossibility of comfortable and easy to move;
  • discomfort during the climbs and descents of the staircase;
  • unpleasant crunching, clicking on not by its own will;
  • the pain during or after exercise;
  • the inflammation in the area of the joints and swelling;
  • without reason and sometimes unbearable plaintive laments of pain in the joints

Surely you've tried a lot of medications, creams, ointments, injections, medical, surveys, and everything seems to indicate - none of the above is that it does not work... And this is the explanation of: pharmaceutical, simply is not profitable to sell the tool works, because they will lose customers!