How to distinguish a pain in the kidneys, pains in the back

That pain of kidney or in the back

Stiffness in the low back during sudden movement is a concern for many people. I hurt the kidneys or the back as to determine if the feelings are not clear? In the first place, it is necessary to understand the symptoms of diseases of the spine and vital organs. This will help to have a rough idea about the difference in the sensations of pain. The main cause of the discomfort is able to determine the doctor after the inspection and the completion of a detailed diagnosis.

The pain in the kidneys or in the back – unlike the symptoms

Pain attacks the lumbar region of the spine may immobilize the person for a time. Such is the case of a prolonged stay in the cold, or the influence of the air current. The muscles of the back become inflamed, it produces a spasm of the soft tissues, which causes pain in the back, covering a certain department of the vertebral column. Chronic diseases (osteochondrosis of the lumbar area) or the complications of the disorders of the spine (low back pain) are also passed with strong convulsions at the bottom of the back.

The main features of the painful sensations in the back

The main symptoms that indicate that the pain attack is originated by problems in the muscles of the back and spine:

  • the emergence of unpleasant sensations in the moment of the elevation of heavy loads and excessive loads on the lumbar spine (the long walk, the long standing in one place);
  • intense pain appears at the time of the different movements of the trunk, slopes, curves, change of positions in the rear seat of the vehicle, in supine position;
  • the discomfort manifests itself suddenly, and in full reservation of the person, without movement – the patient freezes in the posture, which caused a nasty heart attack.
The main characteristics of back pain
Note! Very often, the disease of the back are similar with the development of inflammation in the kidneys. In this case, it is necessary to analyze the nature of the pain.

It is interesting that when the back-pain caused by problems in the spine, the body's temperature, that almost never increases. The exception operates low back pain in the acute and start of the demonstration, when the inflammation and swelling in the affected area is very large.

There are a number of diseases of the spine, which are able to cause sudden attacks in the back. Most commonly found in the osteochondrosis, radiculitis, the propeller, of a hernia in the lumbar area. The displacement of the vertebrae, as well as the curvature of the mountain range, the inflammation of the muscle tissue and joints also leads to the difficulty for the movement of the trunk in the lower part of the back. When this discomfort may disappear after giving body to a dormant state.

Important! The pain in the back due to the spine disease, may facilitate the ointments with the effect of overheating, or special use of the corset, and when the kidney problems of the discomfort of this way does not solve the problem.
The signs of pain in the kidneys

The major symptoms that convey that the problem lies in the kidneys:

  • of the violation to the work of the bladder (unpleasant pain in the lower part of the abdomen, pain, urine output, sometimes with the mixture of the blood);
  • the appearance of problems of stomach and intestine (vomiting, nausea, changes of the seat);
  • the presence of clear swelling under the eyes and in the area of the piers, which are well visible after one night;
  • rapid fatigue, decreased strength, and the appearance of sleepiness.
Signs of pain in the kidneys
Note! In case of kidney disease back pain may be accompanied by an increase of the pressure and the headaches.
The main differences

A clear example of what hurts the kidney, and not the back, is the change in the urine. Becomes cloudy or loses color. The biological material may be blood, mucus, buy dark tea-shade.

Difference of the symptoms is that the pain in the back when kidney disease can be accompanied by high fever. In the case of the pathologies of the spine, fever and chills are missing.

Difference of the symptoms is the fact that the onset of pain due to the inflammation in the kidneys are not dependent on the position of the body and its movement. While, acute and sudden attacks in the lower back due to the pathology of the spine occur, precisely because of slopes, twists of the body, changes of positions.

Also determine if the pain of kidney, not the spine, the location of an attack. The discomfort of the majority of the is produced by the swelling of the authority, and is given in other areas:

  • in the side, grabbing the part of the belly and the groin area;
  • in the urogenital system with the outer side (external reproductive organs);
  • in the area of the urinary canals;
  • in the area femoral the inner part.
The difference in pain in the back and kidneys

Symptoms are listed enable you to determine approximately where is the pain in the kidney or in the back. Determine exactly what you can not. Understand the true cause of ill-health will help you to a doctor.

Specific pain in the lumbar region in men and women

Very often the discomfort in the lower back refers neither to the kidneys, nor to the pathologies of the back. In men, the pain can occur due to an impact on the urogenital system of the infection, which causes inflammation. Prostatitis is also capable of causing discomfort in the back.

The weight lifting, physical exercise and sports are also able to cause in men, pain in the lumbar area. Normally, after a trip or of friction with the effect of overheating, or analgesic ointments places that are of most concern, problems disappear.

In women the back pain is often associated with monthly secretions. Typically, this is a symptom of premenstrual cycle. If to speak about women's diseases that can give pain in the back, is the inflammation of the ovaries. Discomfort in the back of the pathology occur in the middle of the back or near the sacrum, without touching the area of the kidneys. The majority of the pain has the character, and is accompanied by pain living in the groin or in the lower abdomen.

The attacks on the kidneys may be adverse to the failure in operation of the bladder (cystitis), and bile ducts. These diseases, in addition to pain in the back, made the women of the frequent urge to the toilet, painful and difficult emission of the urine.

Specific pain in the lumbar region in men and women
Important! During pregnancy is also found discomfort in the back. In this case, the pain may be due to a lot of stress on the spine due to the growth of the fetus, or talk about the first few contractions.

Define exactly what hurts in reality, can only be a specialist after the survey. Therefore, it is necessary to seek medical attention if you experience suspicious symptoms in the back.

The diagnosis of low back pain

To identify the true cause of the attacks of the lower part of the back is necessary to know to what doctor to go to. Initially, it is recommended to go to a therapist. There will be a inspection that includes palpation of the places more pronounced pain, will consider complaints and allocate the necessary analysis.

To determine hurts if the kidney, the specialist can make a few light taps on the side of the palm by the bottom of the back. Any manifestation on the part of an organism in response to this manipulation indicate pathology in the kidneys. Before that there is a definitive diagnosis, it is necessary to pass a series of tests, and then go to a specific doctor.

If it is not clear if it is a pain in the kidney or the back, there are the following methods of diagnosis:

  • the study of biological material from the patient (urine, blood);
  • the performance of renal ultrasonography in the topic of inflammation or tumors of the pairs of organs of the urinary system;
  • computerized tomography (computer science and mri) of the lumbar spine – identification of displaced persons, of the vertebrae in the nerve fibers, and the presence of infection in the affected tissue (if there is).
The disease and its diagnosis

When the integral of diagnosis showed the existence of problems in the musculoskeletal system, the therapist sends the patient a neuropathologist and other specialists. It all depends on the pathologies detected. In the case of the kidney disease, it is recommended to go to a urologist. Profile of the specialists assign an effective treatment that will help you to solve the problem.

Note! Determine the source of the pain is almost impossible. Therefore, you should consult a doctor, who will perform a full diagnosis and prescribe the appropriate treatment taking into account the characteristics of the patient.

The pain in the back, in some cases, can testify about the inflammatory processes in the kidneys, or the pathology of the spine. In the early stages of a side to another of the disease malaise can be the same. That is why the people is not always clear, it hurts if the kidney, and it may be that the problem in the back. The understanding of the causes of the appearance of pain syndrome in the lower back will help you to a doctor. Important, when the first signs of discomfort seek medical attention, not to run the disease.