Back pain and difficult breathing

Breathing is a very complex physiological in the act. Once in the body, all in order, we don't realize how to breathe. But sometimes you can feel pain in the back to inspire. What is the reason? First let's explain how it produces the deep breathing, and what organs are involved in this process.

Back pain on inhalation – if it is dangerous this

At the time of the inspiration involved not only the bronchial tubes and the lungs but also the diaphragm, the muscles of the rib cage, chest and neck, as well as intercostal nerves. The process of breathing is regulated by the headquarters and the spinal cord. When the intercostal muscles are found in an abbreviated form, the state and the opening to lower the volume of the abdominal cavity becomes less, and the volume of the rib cage on the contrary increases. Increased volume of the rib cage expands, the lungs, thanks to which, through the bronchi, there penetrates the air. In consequence, in the lungs go through the process of exchange of gases.

Having understood how it is produced the inhalation of air, let's see what can cause back pain when breathing in.

Pneumonia is one of the reasons

The pain when breathing in the back can appear for several reasons, but the main one is that the debugged mechanism of the respiration is violated. In connection with the respiratory, the mechanism can fail? Often the causes lie in the diseases of the organs of the chest, abdomen, localized in the area of the spinal column of the diseases affecting the osteo-muscular system and the surrounding tissues. The back pain when breathing they may also experience during pregnancy.

In the case that inspires a deep back pain, pain sensation may appear as a result of the tradition of the pneumonia, accompanied by pleurisy. The leaves of the pleura, the one in front of the other, thick as a consequence of the inflammatory process. The inspire will start to rub together, which causes the characteristic pain when you sigh in the back. As a general rule, this symptom only accompanies other: dyspnea, fever, cough and general weakness. During this illness because of a cough can be pain in the back muscles. This is because when you cough the muscles of the back and the thorax bears the greater burden. Accumulated in the muscles lactic acid is the pain in the back to inspire.

Is collected pain

"When breathing, back pain" – with such complaints are often addressed to a doctor. This symptom can be an indicator of diseases of organs located in the abdominal cavity. Some of these diseases can cause pain in the lower back right. The sensation of pain in diseases of the stomach, appendix, gallbladder, etc., have often reflected in nature. That is to say, the patient feels pain, away from the organ affected. The pain is distributed projection screen areas.

When sigh of back pain occurs due to the operation of opening and increased intra-abdominal pressure. We gather the pain of this type is also observed when the tumor of the processes, when the new growth is located in the abdominal cavity.

The problem in the spine?

However, often when it is difficult to breathe, back pain, the causes can be found in the diseases, that are found in breast milk, high-lumbar departments of a backbone, and also located in the vicinity of the muscles. What is the disease?

In the first place, the osteochondrosis lumbar and thoracic departments, escorted by the displacement of the intervertebral discs. The last time the patient often feels, because I had a pain of the spine in the division.

In the second place, very often when breathing back pain during the different lesions of the spinal column.

In the third place, when the neuralgia between the ribs.

In the fourth place, when the lumbar spine or radiculitis, as well as myositis. Often accompanies back pain after a dream.

The cause of the development of the above conditions are adverse factors, such as the different violations of the processes of change, direct, and mechanical impact, as well as hypothermia. In such cases, the back pain, it hurts to breathe due to damage to the peripheral nerves. In the breathing process of the muscles and the fin is in motion, as a result, the movement of people affected by the nerves and generate pain impulses.

The treatment of the The treatment of the

As you may have noticed, the reasons for the back pain, difficulty breathing, more wide variety. Therefore, it is very important not to treat incomprehensible that, to get in contact with the clinic, for proper full diagnosis of all systems and organs. In the survey include x-rays, ecg, ultrasound of the internal organs if they are suspected of any disease. Investigate the lining of the esophagus and stomach. And of the pathology itself of the backbone of the most effective way to be identified by magnetic resonance imaging.

Difficult breathing, pain in the back – go immediately to a doctor!

The cause of the feeling, as if is pressed in the area of the rib cage

When you press on the chest, the man begins to worry about the diseases of the heart. In fact, the greater part of the pathology that manifest this symptom, it is due to the defeat of the myocardium, or heart muscle. However, there are many other reasons for which it appears the oppressive pain in the chest: the osteoporosis, the ribs, the neurological diseases of the myopathy. To reveal the source of your pain, we recommend the algorithm of differential diagnosis of the pathology, which is exposed in the article.

The pain in the spine during breathing The main causes of

Tightening in the chest of the following diseases:

  • the osteochondrosis of breastfeeding and of the spine – pathology, which is accompanied by the decrease of the height of the vertebral segment and the violation of the trunks nerve. The ratio of compression of the nerve accompanied by blunt or sharp pains that get worse after physical activity;
  • gastroesophageal reflux (causing the stomach contents into the esophagus) is manifested after food intake. When he squeezes the chest due to spastic contractions of the skeletal musculature of the food of the wall. Next to the authority passes from the trachea, therefore, when this pathology is difficult to breathe;
  • between the ribs neuralgia – a result of osteochondrosis of breastfeeding and of the division or injury of the ribs. When the disease is inflamed nerve fibre, which passes into the spaces between the ribs. The pain is heightened when curves closed, the upper part of the trunk. Breathing is difficult when the neuralgia between the ribs due to the impossibility of extensions and contractions of the chest wall during the commission of the respiratory movements;
  • peptic ulcer disease and gastritis is a disease, accompanied by the amplification of the separation of the gastric juice at rest (before food intake). In the background of the pathology of the cavity of the stomach builds up gas, which leads to the expansion of the authority. The increase of its volume is accompanied by pressure in the diaphragm, so that the patient hard to breathe and the feeling that he has tight the heart;
  • pulmonary embolism – a dangerous disease, which is characterized by the obstruction of the pulmonary artery blood clot (ball of blood), or by air. When the pathology is observed a sharp, crushing pain. Without timely treatment of pulmonary embolism leads to death of the person;
  • panic attacks, high compressive pain is combined with other forms of the disease: increased respiratory rate, increased force of heart's contractions, convulsions, and spasms of the muscles;
  • angina – increased pressure in the chest by a malfunction of the heart to hypoxia of the myocardium. Pathogenetic link of the disease is the lack of blood supply to the defeat of the coronary artery blood clot or atherosclerotic plaque ceiling. The disease may be the consequence of a prolonged stress;
  • aortic dissection is difficult to consider as the main cause of pain, as well as their probability of occurrence does not exceed 5%. However, the pathology is combined with the feeling of drowning in the middle in the chest. The symptoms rapidly increase, and without treatment lead to the death of a person.

These causes often cause pressure in the chest, right and centre. Detection and treatment of the disease allows you to avoid serious complications. However, the diagnostic algorithm must be taken into account other causes of the pathology.

Why is breathing is difficult Why is breathing is difficult

When deciding what patient hard to breathe when the pain in the chest on the right, the doctors are faced with a large number of conditions. To determine the cause of the disease, they perform a series of diagnostic tests:

  • the patient is asked to lift the right hand upwards. If the person has a feeling that shrinks the heart to the right, the disease, probably caused by neurological, states of panic (panic attacks, between the ribs neuralgia);
  • to analyze the heart rhythm. If it is fast, can not exclude heart disease. For these purposes is allocated to the ecg, ultrasound of the heart and of the consultation of the cardiologist after the detection of negative results of the investigations;
  • when you press the chest during breathing, it can be assumed that the tumor of the mediastinum or the pulmonary pathology. In this situation a rational mapping of x-ray or fluoroscopic of the lungs. The symptoms such as cough, the selection of sputum and the increase of the temperature, confirm the assumption;
  • very close to the right after the approval of the food is a symptom of the evidence about the pathology of the stomach or the esophagus. To determine the cause of your pain, is assigned to the upper endoscopy and the range of research biochemistry (amylase, alt, ast, bilirubin);
  • if you compress the upper part of the trunk to the right of the swallowing, it may lead to laryngitis. For the determination of the disease, the doctor will examine the throat, and will allocate the enquiry to a specialist. If there is a suspicion of sinusitis you will need to do an x-ray of the breasts;
  • after the injury, the person can also be very difficult to breathe. The fracture of the ribs to the right is accompanied by difficulty of breathing.
The data of the causes of pain right in the chest are the most common, but may not exclude other etiological factors of the disease. For their identification it is necessary to seek medical help. The causes of pain of the left

If there has been a strong pain in the chest, to the left, and difficult breathing, the symptom may be caused by the following causes:

  • aneurysm of the aorta, dissection of shells of the vessel with the influx of the blood and the pressure in the surrounding tissue. The disease is confirmed angiography (the study of the vessels with the introduction into them of a contrast medium);
  • ischemic heart disease (angina) and myocardial infarction is a life-threatening illness. With them, the chest tightens so hard to breathe, and appears to fear for their own life. The pain on the left indicate the defeat of the great amount of heart muscle;
  • stomach ulcer – if you press on the breast after the intake of food. In most cases the pain will weaken after you take the pill (no-spa);
  • pancreatitis (inflammation of the pancreas) also causes a sharp pain to the left, on the wall of the chest. It escalates the intake of food;
  • the hiatal hernia is characterized by shortness of breath after the meal. The pathology is caused by the loss of the intestine into the thoracic cavity through the weak points in the diaphragm;
  • diseases of the spine with compression of the nerve root.

The enumeration of the causes of the pain are not definitive. To the right in the chest cause the feeling of pain can large inventory of pathological states. We have described the most frequent of them.

Why squeeze it in the chest in the middle of the Why squeeze it in the chest in the middle of the

The pain in the chest, in the middle occurs when all of the points above united. There are a number of pathological conditions in which it compresses in the middle:

  • cause muscle spasms during the physical exercise, the stress and nerve of sufferings. When you receive a relaxing muscle pathology disappears by itself;
  • the lateral deformation of the spine (scoliosis) can compress the soft tissues located in the chest cavity. When she can be a violation of the structures kostno-cartilage and nerves. A similar situation is observed in the disease behtereva, osteochondrosis and hernia of the intervertebral discs.

If the chest pain occurs after physical activity and the nerves of stress, one can not exclude the neurological pathology.

Children with these symptoms should check the throat. When you do this, it is possible the emergence of feelings, which compresses the chest in the middle.

What to do

When tightening in the chest, you must do the following:

  1. Call an ambulance, as well as some of the causes of life-threatening diseases.
  2. Adopt the sitting position and try to relax.
  3. To that of the stable angina to take a nitroglycerin tablet under the tongue.
  4. Treat with calm and breathing evenly.

Therefore, etiological factor why childbirth the rib cage in the center, to the right and to the left, the crowd. To directly determine the cause of the disease the doctor can only. You are not receiving the treatment is a danger to life!