A doctor cures the back pain

A doctor cures the back pain

If a person has a back pain and he does not understand to what doctor to go to, and in the health center profile cabinet does not work specialist in the field of therapy. The doctor will perform preliminary diagnostic measures, then they will send the patient to another doctor. Today, you will learn to what doctor to go, if upset pain syndrome.

To help someone, if it hurts

The expert vertebrolog cure the pain associated with spine problems. The medical neurologist will help at the expense of the nerve, as well as when the inflammation affects the neurons. If the patient is manifested in the dysfunction of the internal organs, which will help you to the experts in the cardiology, gastroenterology.

No doctor cure to the back? In medicine, many specialties have a narrow profile. First, one cannot decide where to go if you have problems with your back. When worried about the pain in the back, there is a chronic pathology, it is first necessary to have recourse to the doctor, who is in charge of your treatment. Different painful sensations caused by different pathological processes. The pain can bother the person always short duration.

If you suffer from back pain is the cause of this condition may be the spondylosis, in which the strong bone structure grow. Also the patient may be, and the weakening of the feet. In this case, it is necessary to address to the neuropathologist or vertebrologu. If the pain is severe, probably, swollen, and sore muscles. This type of pain will be negligible, but it continues for a long time. The inflammation is caused by the fact that the man has cooled down too much ever experienced physical over-exertion. To cure such pain will help you to a neurologist.

Pain syndrome of drilling, warns of possible pathologies of the respiratory organs, the cursor in the urine. In this case, deal with treatment will be the specialists in pulmonology, urology. To whom to go if it hurts your back? Stab in the back when the patient started the back. This symptomatology is, for example, when between the vertebrae of hernias. Help the patient can neurologist or vertebrolog. If you are going to hurt the back, but it is not clear what type of doctor for help, go to a therapist. Can you advise a sick person, and direct in the diagnosis.

When the doctor will review the information, analyze the clinical pathology, we may recommend other professionals for treatment.
On vertebrolog

Is the doctor that deals with diseases of the spine. This doctor is also able to make different types of massage, applied to the quiroprctica, performs facial surgery of the spine. The causes of these pains are very different:

  • The sleep very hard or soft bed.
  • A man sleeps in a wrong position.
  • If the pillow case, quilt cover and bed sheet consist of artificial tissues.
  • The man is forced to perform heavy physical work.
  • Standing of sitting in the same position when working on a laptop.

To not be the pain you must comply with the prevention. Sleep is necessary in that bed, that the stiffness of the medium, it is desirable to acquire for a comfortable sleep orthopedic mattress. If the bed surface has a strong rigidity or a bed very soft, there will be deformations of the spine. It is still necessary to continue the position. If the work is related to the long seat in the same posture, it is necessary to perform more warm-up exercises, which tones and eliminates the stiffness of muscles.

When the job behind a laptop computer is necessary to properly adjust the chair to the table. The back does not suffer stresses, if the chair is going to have a great support. Armrests closed hands, so that the spine will not be very relaxed. Losing weight is necessary to get rid of him. Overloading the spinal column, the probability of education of osteochondrosis, the vertebrae of the hernia will increase. It is often necessary to swim, do exercise, then the spinal cord, muscle, will be in the fingers of the feet, the back will be flexible. If it is necessary to lift a heavy object, the back should be straight, otherwise, you have problems with the spine.

The neurologist

Find a specialist vertebrologii difficult. In this case, the patient goes to the doctor to recommend a neurologist. Qualified the neurologist has the same skills, as vertebrolog. The neurologist made the diagnosis with the treatment:

  • sciatica;
  • the hernia between vertebrae in different stages of development;
  • degenerative disc disease, osteophytes';
  • the inflammation of the sciatic nerve and other nervous system pathologies.

The person experiences pain in the back, but the causes of pain are different, which may consist of a pathology of the respiratory organs, the endocrine glands. Also pain syndrome causes the infection, oncology.

Other doctors

If the neurologist does not resolve the problem, then the cause of the pain may be in the pathological processes that affect the kidneys. The patient then works nephrologist or urologist. Pain syndrome breast segment vertebral it can also occur due to pathology. If the syndrome of pain piercing nature, a high probability that the inflammation of the airways.

Pain in the chest, the thoracic area of the back can cause pathology of the heart and blood vessels. Timely cardiac stress advice and helps to reduce the risk of developing a myocardial infarction and ischemic change of heart. If the patient interrupts the metabolism of calcium, the human body is experiencing a deficit of calcium, the problems of the appliance motor by the device, the person is going to hurt the back. In this case, the patient requires the consultation of endocrinology.

Diagnose pathological changes of the connective tissue will help to a rheumatologist. Heals the inflammation of the joints, helps eliminate pain. Sometimes a long injury will be known after a long period of time. The sick may forget that 2-3 years ago, you were injured, you will think that only physically redesigned. If the pain does not pass, other doctors will not help, it is necessary to consult with the specialist.

The pain of piercing, the nature may be the result of pathologies of the gastrointestinal (gi) tract upper. Is colitis, the inflammation of the stomach, gallbladder, or that there are problems with the pancreas, appendix, other authorities gastrointestinal tract. If there is suspicion of cancer in the body, so it is worth it to receive the query. Oncology best treated in its early stages of formation.

Pms is a syndrome of pain in women is at gynecological problems, waistband with force can hurt you. These pains are abnormal for the location of the uterus, the pregnancy, flows out of the uterus, inflammatory processes of the female reproductive organs. Even if there is the normal pregnancy, the pain may also appear.

If the pregnant woman pick up the bandage, the pain will cease. A woman needs to consult with the gynecologist.

Who diagnosed the pain of the lumbar area

If it hurts the waist, so that the doctor will help you? Back pain can be due to problems with the spine or the failure of the functions of any of the internal organs. Therefore, evaluating the symptoms, and then sends it to the expert first the therapist. If a person a lot of time is in an uncomfortable posture,with the time I have a sore back. But if it is hot, hot, receive massage treatments in the absence of contraindications, the discomfort will be performed independently, the medical therapy is not necessary.

If it hurts the spine, often, the causes are the injuries that cause fractures of the spine. Acute syndrome of back pain in the area occurs due to a herniated disk, is located between the vertebrae, a propellant. It produces irritation of the sciatic nerve, it manifests itself clinical sciatica's. The pain extend from the gluteus maximus of the area to the sole. The serious case that one or both of the legs may be, occurs the paralysis. In this case, it is relevant to the help of a neurologist or a neurosurgeon.

Who diagnosed the pain of the lumbar area

Lumbar, low back pain can occur when the person awkward bow back. The pain will give the area of the gluteus maximus or the thigh. The sick it is worth and moves with difficulty. Cure the low back pain will help your neurologist. Cancers are also known to cause the syndrome of low back pain in the area. The sick person then it is necessary to consult with the oncologist.

Pain lumbar segment can occur due to the pathologies of the organs cursor in the urine. In addition to the pain, the man will break when you urination, vomiting, vomiting occurs, changes would occur with the hyperthermia and the other of the sintomatologa. The sick will help you to a urologist or nephrologist. If a man is inflamed prostate, is the pain are different according to the place of location, it is also painful lumbar area. Syndrome pain can vary in intensity, it is painful scrotum with the crotch. It is necessary to consult with the urologist.

The diagnosis

The diagnostic procedures to determine a specialist, who will be to treat the patient. It's done:

  • The study of the blood in the urine, which will help you to identify the inflammatory processes.
  • Radiographic survey with different projections.
  • Tc will help to detect the effects of the injury.
  • Magnetic resonance imaging is more will be installed with precision, the distribution of pathological process. Once in 30 days do not apply.
  • The ultrasound detected a problem with cartilages, tendons, cancers.
  • With the help of electromyograms recorded the electrical signals that occur due to the reductions of the muscles. This method determines how well the muscle tissues.

If you bother the sensations of back pain, it is best to not endure the pain, do not self-medicate and, at the same time to ask for help to a therapist, who will direct you to other specialists. Then do not occur in the body of the complications, which are not always successfully treated, therefore, health is best not to risk.