Do not turn the neck, what should I do?

Do not turn the neck, that make

Many people after sleep in the morning, it hurts the neck. Nothing wrong with that. Sometimes, after waking up injured and not turn the neck due to bad posture during sleep or in an uncomfortable bed. But there is the possibility and serious illness, concealment of such manifestations. When frequent repetition of the morning, the pain, you should go to your doctor for the diagnosis.

The causes of the

If a person has a pain in the neck and difficult to rotate the head – this can be talk a lot. Some of the causes are at all, and some require a comprehensive treatment. It is important to take care of your health and manifestations of pain.

Uncomfortable posture during sleep

If the neck pain is not very strong, and this disease is caused by a single time and for a large period of time (several months) – it is likely that the culprit is the awkward position of the head during sleep. Be sure to pick up the pillow and try to sleep in the back.

With very little, the manifestation of the disease may not go to the doctor, it will be very simple to do yourself, easy self-massage of neck. This procedure should be sufficient.
The currents of air

Another situation, which does not require the aid on the part of the workers of the medicine. Trivial of the air current is capable of causing the mass of unpleasant sensations in the cervix area. We need not fear the reaction of the body, the cause of the pain – muscle spasm.

You can relax the neck to make the massage itself, ask loved ones to a massage or consult a doctor if the pain medication drugs.
The osteochondrosis and complications

If the frequency is such that the neck does not dare – the opportunity to reflect on their health. Often, these symptoms can be a sign of the presence of osteochondrosis of the cervical spine. The osteochondrosis occurs the destruction of the cartilaginous tissue between the vertebral disc. And on the other hand dystrophic changes cause a defect of the rom and the loss of elasticity. The osteochondrosis of cervical is the most dangerous of all these evils.

If a person time the note of pain and immediately goes to the doctor, there are big possibilities of success and to maintain the treatment. Of course, to fully recover the cartilage, shaving the fabric is not going to work, but the disease ceases to disturb and not to evolve.

Ignoring the pain occurs the progression of the degenerative disc disease – propellant. It's called the default modified among the vertebrates of the disks beyond the vertebra. The pain will bother you more and will be more bright of the manifestation.

The hernia between the vertebrae of the cervical spine is very dangerous pathology. If you tighten with the treatment of osteochondrosis, ignoring the pain and not modifying the style of life, there is a great possibility of the appearance of the hernias. In this phase of the disease becomes almost impossible to move the head, or on one side, it starts to hurt the head.

In the case of large sizes of vertebral hernia in the cervical spine can cause disorder of the cerebral circulation, difficulty in breathing. The pain is not fixed in one place, are given in the upper extremities of the rear. The more it protrudes between vertebral disk, the more you squeeze, the nerves and the pain is more eye-catching.

Mechanical damage

By receiving injuries of the spine, especially in the cervical region, the person runs the risk of becoming an invalid. Any type of injury can occur very seriously, since the vertebrae in the neck are the most weak and mobile. If it was the injury of the spine, you should consult a doctor immediately. Serious injuries may even call the ambulance.

The curvature of the spine

Many of the people who lead a sedentary life, spend too much time on the computer, often a pain in the neck and, literally, can not rotate the head. This stiffness occurs because of incorrect posture. Because if the debt rear seat of a man tired of keeping the back flat and begins to bend. To slouch creates a greater stress on the spine and can lead to osteochondrosis. Rare pain, but repeated – as an indication of the onset of the disease. It is worth to consult a doctor immediately for diagnosis and begin to monitor your posture at the time of sitting.

Another cause of pain in the upper department of the spine can be innate of torticollis. Pain in the neck start to bother you, as a general rule, even in childhood. The curvature visually perceptible, and the doctor pays attention. If the disease is not manifest, and has manifested itself only over time – the urgency of seeing a doctor.

When the pathological changes in musculus sternocleidomastoideus is a violation of the verticality of the neck and of its rigidity. Sometimes surgery is needed.
Infectious diseases

Many of the colds, they are able to give complications with the evil, or the processing carried out is not in time. A weakened immune system also plays its role in this process.

Some infectious diseases of the disease manifest themselves very peculiar. In these severe complications, such as lymphadenitis or meningitis, you should immediately to your doctor. A little bit of what are swollen lymph nodes and does not rotate the head, and produces the defeat of the cells of the brain. The immediate treatment by qualified staff capable of ridding the man of the irreversible changes in the body. In any case, do not self-medicate.

Vertebrates of the infection

In reality, the phenomenon is very rare and cases of this disease, it is likely that it will not affect the people who watch their health. Conditions of the defeat of the spinal column (osteomyelitis bacterial. These diseases typically occur in the context of other, more serious diseases (aids, cancer, tumors, a glass of obesity).When osteomyelitis atrophy of the vertebrae and no intervertebral discs m? s, which makes the disease even more dangerous.

The neck pain is constant and severe, with the first symptoms hospitalization is necessary.

The symptoms that accompany it

If the disease is not dangerous to life and health, can independently fight with the pain, or simply wait, the reduction of the tension in the neck. But some of the diseases that require medical attention. It is important to know the symptoms that define the serious pathology that requires medical treatment.

Dizziness and headaches are often upset when osteochondrosis cervical

The characteristic symptoms of the degenerative disease of the cervical disc and its complications:

  • Difficulty breathing;
  • Dizziness and headaches;
  • Frequent popping in the neck;
  • It is possible to decrease of vision and hearing.

Injuries of the spine, infection of the spine or the curvature of the manifest constant severe pain, manifestations visual. Recognize this disease is quite simple. The next step is to ask your doctor.

At prostudnyh the diseases or their complications, these symptoms occur:

  • Cough ;
  • The pain in the throat;
  • Chills and increase in body temperature;
  • The inflammation of the cervical lymph nodes.

It is best not to wait for complications and your doctor right away if these symptoms.

The treatment of the

If it hurts and does not rotate the neck then, as they do, she will tell the doctor. In what situations is it necessary to consult a doctor? If there is any disease that causes pain – it is best not to wait and go to doctor appointments. The treatment will depend on the type of disease and stage of progression. To the osteochondrosis, and the further complications it is necessary to a comprehensive treatment, which designates a specialist of narrow profile (vertebrolog, or neurologist).

The first action to the pains in the neck, walking towards the therapist

When some sizes between the vertebral hernia, surgery is necessary, if there is an excessive pressure on the spinal nerves. In other cases, conservative treatment.

Infectious diseases and their complications are treated with special, medications, and clothing regime.

How to fight with the pain tolerance of the syndrome, because the patient and the patient went to a doctor? There is a set of medications that allow them to return to the narrative style of life (if it is allowed in the process of primary treatment of the disease). Your doctor may prescribe these medications to reduce or alleviate the pain:

  • Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Help to reduce pain, eliminate inflammation, relieve pressure on the nerve endings.
  • Analgesics with the effect of the rapid elimination of pain. Act on the nervous system and reduce the severity of the unpleasant sensations.
  • Muscle relaxants. Eliminates spasms, relax the neck, allows you to regain your mobility. Help the swelling.
  • Vitamin complex – strengthens the immune system, the vertebrae, between the vertebrate disks, increases the organism to stress.

The complex of drugs to combat the pain tolerance of the syndrome may not be assigned independently, addressing only needs to be trained.

Also the doctor may prescribe a complex of physiotherapy procedures:

  • Acupuncture;
  • The bites of leeches medicinal;
  • The stimulation of the nerve fibers weak electrical load;
  • Therapy with the use of a magnetic field.

Also vertebrolog or a neurologist can assign the course of a few popular methods of treatment that helps to overcome the disease. Cannot be used independently, even of those medications. That the disease has remitted in full or has entered the state of remission, must conform strictly to the prescriptions of a doctor and do not self-medicate.