The use of a roller to the osteochondrosis

The osteochondrosis is a disease that results in a great discomfort in the person, so to facilitate your state of many people use the special platen. It will facilitate the state, the normalization of the circulation of the blood in the cervical region of the spine. Manufactured such means of polyurethane foam, rock wool, or special firmly bending the fabric. Similar to those of a roller under the neck of the degenerative disc disease can be purchased in almost any pharmaceutical establishments specialized in the marketing of products that help to get rid of the problems osteo-muscular of the fabric.

The effectiveness of the tool

The popularity of the rollers of the degenerative disc disease under the collar is because these tools help not only in the prevention of the disease, but also in its treatment. Related this with the fact that the person that more often during your sleep sleeping in a bad posture, which makes your muscles unable to partake of rest, as this requires. It is in the process of relaxation of the muscles and is intended for the product, to be used below the neck at night.

The main effects that cause the use of the roller, the experts attribute:

The effectiveness of the tool
  • The relief of the pain syndrome.
  • Solution of shameful feelings.
  • It improves the circulation of blood.
  • Promotion of the standardization of the processes of change.
  • The muscle relaxation of the musculature.
  • A good night's sleep the night.
  • To improve the psycho-emotional state.

Doctors recommend that you continue to enjoy roller, even after all the symptoms of the disease have been removed, and he himself is in the stage of remission. This will help to prevent most of the worsening of the condition of the patient, the reappearance of the symptoms and the need for long-term treatment medicated means.

It is important to remember that sleeping with this disease, such as osteochondrosis is a very important component of the therapy, both curative and preventative. Therefore, you can not treat this process is easy and light.

This can now influence the deterioration of the health and cause adverse effects, are expressed in the progression of the disease.

How to carry out the selection of

The roller of back problems is sufficiently efficient and useful tool, but only then, when your selection in the pharmacy has made the most correctly and properly. That is why you have to pay attention to the recommendations of the doctors, as well as other sufferers from this disease.

It should be noted that the optimal length of the piece is approximately 80 centimeters, due to the roller, even if the person in a dream really threw them, always stay in the same place where it was placed originally.

How to carry out the selection of

It is worth calling the attention on the thickness of the products to the collar. This parameter depends on the effectiveness of the roller. To collect a good remedy for the treatment of back, measure the distance from the neck to the bed, adding to it about two inches. Therefore, the roller will be good for supporting the neck, repeating the natural curves of the spinal column of the person.

In some cases, doctors podiatrists recommend the use of this product, and under other parts of the body. It is, first of all, try to ankle joints and of the lumbar spine. Therefore, it is possible to fight with the problem of osteochondrosis of the maximum of the integral.

You should also pay attention to the costs of a roll. This indicator is not directly dependent on the effectiveness and usefulness of the product, but the price significantly influences the materials used. The more cheap and reliable substances used in the manufacture, the cheaper it will be the roller. Therefore, it is worthwhile to choose the products of mid-range cost. It is best to consult initially with the doctor, are concerned with the treatment of the diseases of the back. You can from their experience to recommend the best of those presented in the pharmacies of the companies.

so pay attention

Using the roller for the neck to osteochondrosis, attention should be paid to the eight very important things that will help you to solve the problem of the spine in a more efficient manner. They are referred to in the following paragraphs:

What should I take into account
  1. If the use of the roller of the degenerative disc disease has caused the deterioration of painful sensations and the exacerbation of the disease, is due at the time of stop to be in it. Through two or three days will again begin to sleep in the product.
  2. If, due to certain circumstances not able to purchase professional roller in the pharmacy, it may be time to replace a pillow or a blanket, tucked up under the neck flexion.
  3. If you use a roller on other parts of the body deteriorate feelings of discomfort, you must purchase the other two products.
  4. If the dream is in the mechanical stage has led to the appearance of edema in the lower extremities, you must start to take drugs against this symptom. Of them should be only by a physician qualified on the basis of a diagnosis of a patient.
  5. If the osteochondrosis of the spine is aggravated on account of varicose veins, prior to acquisition of the roller to solve this health problem.
  6. If for certain reasons, between them and sustainable habits, the patient performs the dream from his side, for the normalization of the circulation of the blood through the night, you will need to compress the roller further between her legs.
  7. An alternative roller during sleep when osteochondrosis cervical may be suitable corsets or collars. But surely it is worth discussing with your doctor.
  8. It is recommended that before you go to sleep on the stage to perform some physical exercise, that can advise and doctor based on the clinical picture of the disease.
While the use of a roller under your neck to the osteochondrosis, for a long time to forget this problem in the back, considerably improving the general state of health and well-being, respectively. The cost of this product, more often than not is very large, but the effect of the application of the penalty of these funds.