How to get rid of a pain in the neck in the home

The problem of pain in the neck of his experience, probably all. They are different: plaintive laments, of court, that appear only when you turn the head or, on the contrary, are of a continuous nature. Apparently, nothing happens: well, it hurts, yes, and it will pass. However, this is incorrect. If it starts and not paying attention (and most of the people are like that and prefer to do), the pain may be in the chronic diseases and the alarm permanently. And sometimes initially simple, the disease becomes more complex. In general, the treatment is necessary. And so it is as we will explain below.

How to get rid of a pain in the neck

The causes of pain in the neck

The causes can be divided into several groups:

  1. Mechanical of origin. Occur due to, for example, a blow or some other trauma. To the east, may initially, and do not disturb, and manifest themselves after a while. This group can lead to discomfort, resulting from a long stay in the same pose, and also sudden, reckless moves that lead to the displacement of the vertebrae or stretching of the muscles.
  2. Physiological origin. This group of pain is related to the fact, or any other disease. Pain in the neck can cause diseases of different origin. The most popular – the osteochondrosis. It also includes an intervertebral m? s of a hernia of different degrees of severity, colds, etc
  3. Of psychological origin. These pains occur as a result of, for example, who lived the stress or the strong nervous agitation. The body and the psyche of man are closely related with one another, and some experience it can easily cause problems of any organ or part of the body. The neck is no exception.
  4. There is another group of headaches that occur as a result of the temperature. The neck is very easy to put on the inflammation. The supercooling of the muscles makes your spasms and very strong, or, on the contrary, ghost, but not past the pain.

In any case, to establish the cause of the pain in the neck can only a doctor. Remember that this part of the body is not only very complex device, but is also fragile. Easy-to-maim, and cure is often difficult. This task cannot be handled without specialized help. That is why the first tip: if the neck pain though that in the period of a year and a half of the day and there are not happens, you should immediately to your doctor. Therefore, it will save much more serious problems.

However, to reduce the sensation of pain can be, since one of the main causes of pain is an uncomfortable situation or long stay in the same position, without any movements. In such cases, the problem can easily handle independently. We will teach you how to do it.

How to get rid of a pain in the neck in the home

The neck can be sick in a different way. But often the feelings are so strong and hard, who suffers from the disease, the person turn the head cannot. Sometimes the problem feels like something distant, only slightly similar to the self. To lighten your state, but it is necessary to remember one thing: if you are not sure of the source of pain, it is better not to do anything by himself. One thing, when simply trapped nerve in the bad position, and another very different if there is a muscle spasm in the framework of a particular disease.

How to get rid of a pain in the neck in the home

How to relieve the pain and help yourself? In reality, the modes of much. One of the most effective – special exercises to help relax and warm the muscles of the neck.

  1. Gently, in no hurry to move the neck in the direction of "here to there". Do this with the alignment, listening to new sensations. If you feel the slightest pain or, at least, the allusions to it, stop. This exercise can be done as the prevention of potential problems, at least every day, at the time that the load increases.
  2. Also slowly, serene, move your neck to the left and to the right. Hurry up either. At least the first time. If you're going to do this exercise every day, considerably reduce the load on the neck vertebrae and muscles. You simply train it, and the pain will be gradually. First, click before the appearance of the first painful sensations, but then you can and increase the time of training.
  3. The "eight". It is amazing for the strength of its positive effect of the exercise. Slowly, describing the head of the corresponding figure, listen carefully to their own feelings. The body will tell you when to stop. Doing exercise every day, you can easily remove the pain and strengthen the muscles and the vertebrae. With time, you can accelerate the pace and increase the time of execution.

To help alleviate the pain in the neck, and various treatments of relaxation techniques. Here are some of them:

The warm aroma bath to relieve the pain in the neck
  1. Soft in the shower. Open the water and set up the bathroom on the shower massage, strong flow. If not, then just don't open the tap to full power. The water should be pleasant to a warm temperature. Point the soil in the neck and leads them upwards-downwards, as if you were making light slaps. This helps the muscles to relax, and the spasm of spending. The neck can not turn, must be in the same position. The duration of the procedure – not less than 5 and not more than 20 minutes.
  2. With the warm aroma of a hot tub. Very good way to relieve not only a pain in the neck, but in general, the fatigue of the body. Fill the tub with hot water (ideal temperature is 37 degrees). It will be good if you add the back sea salt with the effect of the relaxation. Lie down and try to think. The effect of this method is that the hot water the body of a mirror completely relaxed, and all the muscles feel comfortable.
  3. The specialists recommended to relieve the pain syndrome in the neck regularly attend certain classes, designed to improve the blood flow throughout the body. The fact that often the problem occurs due to the lack of nutrients and, most importantly, oxygen. The muscles become as if it were of wood, and this is particularly felt where they are most vulnerable. For example, in the neck. Therefore, it is important to always work on the correct circulation of the blood and the exchange of energy. This will help the various eastern practices, in particular yoga.
  4. The massage. Old and very effective way not only to relieve the muscle tension, but also to put in place the vertebrae and relieve the pain in general. Doctors are not recommended to perform a massage for yourself, unless you don't know the basics of this practice. However, the most simple clapping light pulses, and the measured pace of the friction and no one ever undermined. Do this gently, gradually increasing the intensity.

Finally, there are medications ways to get rid of the pains in the neck. But it is also important to remember that, often, the medicine, taken by itself, can only aggravate the condition. Pain killers only hide the pain, but do not affect its cause. However, as a short-term tool (for example, in the wait of a doctor), you can accept or ibuprofen, or Non-Spa. The paracetamol is also often recommended to relieve the symptom of pain in the neck, but again, even if he has helped you, this does not mean that the problem is resolved. Do not take a great interest, and best of all, visit a specialist.

Home remedies for pain in the neck

There are home remedies that help get rid of this type of pain. Above all, they are the effects of the temperature and in the adoption of special jars. Can often be effective, but only in the simplest cases, or as one of the components of competent therapy.

  1. Temperature of the exposure. Depending on the nature and the causes of pain, you must warm up the neck, or, on the contrary, allow to cool. In the first case, you use hot water heater, in the second – a bag of ice. It is considered that the overheating helps with colds and the cooling in case of heating or stretching. In addition, the ice is well eliminates the pain. But if in the neck, produces an inflammatory process, so in this way you can worsen considerably the situation.
  2. Infusions and herbs. Folk medicine known a lot of funds for the relief of pain in the neck. Recommended to drink herbal teas: chamomile, for example. Can also help the warming balms and ointments.

Remember that the neck is a very difficult part of the human body. And she only should take care of. In the opposite case, when someone will produce pain, get rid of that is very difficult.

Some tips

Pain in the neck can cause a bad position of the spine, and then you'll need to follow the posture and work on your solution. Sometimes they even have to wear a corset, but this is only improved by the state and brings a great benefit to the body. To avoid the appearance of pain, do not lift the gravity, or do at least not dramatically. Try not to overload the spinal column and, if you are a woman, do not use constantly heels.

Problems with the neck can occur in the floor from all kinds of diseases. Its causes becomes almost anything. But often the problem occurs due to the sedentary lifestyle and sitting at the table working. To the adults, the greater part of his time is spent in the classroom. In almost every case, the job practically does not imply movement. If all of the day sitting, folded, on the table, and to write and talk on the phone, it is not surprising that zabolit neck. To avoid this, try at least three times a week to do sport. This will restore the correct blood circulation, strengthen your muscles, align the spine. The pain first disappears, and then it will not.

Among other things, at times may very well help complex vitamin taken instructions in a strict sense. Give the joy and the tone of the whole body in general and ease the tension of pain, in particular, and in the neck. They also enhance the immunity and improve mood and well-being.

Try living a joyful life actively and positively. Get the life of a maximum of positive emotions and don't focus on something bad. The house sleeps properly, on the hard mattress and in a fetal position. The doctors believe more relaxing and comfortable, both for the spine and neck. It is No less important and the pillow. If it is too high and hard, the situation of the neck will be a little profitable, and in the morning, even the head will not be able to move without pain. Select a bed linen in which to sleep more comfortable for you.

Now you know practically everything about the pain and how you can get rid of it. But, again: everything is effective only if you are sure of the reason and you know that nothing seriously is not. In all the others the best way to consult your doctor. Only he is able to make an accurate diagnosis and assign the appropriate treatment. Advisable to consult a specialist in case of strong, frequent, strenuous or prolonged pain, which significantly impair the quality of life that harm is not only physical, but moral.

Take care of your body, nourishes the body! And then your health is only going to rise.