the back pain

The pain in the back - nasty manifestation of a multitude of diseases, or strong fatigue of the muscles of the back for other reasons. In the majority of cases, this pathology occurs in the background of the various changes in the structure of the joints of the spine, as well as near the muscles, the nerves, or of the epidermis on the spine. In addition to this, a symptom that accompanies some diseases or malfunctions of the internal organs.

The place of localization of the painful sensations, has a lot to say about what are the internal organs damaged. Therefore, the pain in the lower part of the back indicates that, possibly, has affected the bone tissue of the vertebral column, the human develop from an intervertebral hernia, amazed at the nerve of the bone marrow, the organs of the abdominal cavity, and pelvic.

The pain in the upper part of the back is manifested in the context of several diseases of the aorta, cancer, or benign neoplasms in the chest when coughing, as well as at the bottom of the inflammation of the spine. But much more often back pain appear as a result of the large loads in the joints and ligaments of the spine.

The etiology of the

The pain in the back is not unlikely to be completely healthy person, but several times more frequent in the disease. The main causes of disorders in the functioning of the organism, there are several violations of the integrity of the spinal column. To this group of pathological causes classified in the following diseases:

  • osteomyelitis, which affects the bone marrow;
  • the cancer tumor or metastasis, common in the vertebral column cause pain in the lower back;
  • the formation of hernias in intervertebral discs;
  • the dislocation of the vertebrae;
  • the curvature of the spinal column to different degrees;
  • fractures or other injuries of this organ;
  • the stenosis of the channel of the spine;
  • spondylarthrosis - the defeat of the cartilage;
  • fibromyalgia chronic muscle pain, accompanied by a multitude of unpleasant symptoms. It produces not only a pain in the upper part of the back, but at the bottom.

The main causes of back pain


The causes of the occurrence of the pain syndrome, not related to diseases of the spine or the change of its structure:

  • the pelvis of the bleeding;
  • the crushing of the nerves in the sternum leading to the onset of back pain when breathing;
  • gynecological diseases, often characterized by unpleasant sensations in the right side or at the bottom of the back in general;
  • the accumulation of large amounts of blood in the retroperitoneal space;
  • the diseases of the different organs of the pelvis;
  • dissection of aorta;
  • the ulcer - back pain between the shoulder blades;
  • disorders of the renal function;
  • the herpes zoster;
  • arthritis;
  • disorders of the gastrointestinal tract and the genitourinary tract cause pain in the back to the right or to the left (in place of the projection of the affected organ);
  • the violation of the work of the organs located in the abdominal cavity;
  • rheumatological disease;
  • neoplasms of the lung is manifested pain when breathing or coughing;
  • cardiovascular diseases cause the man pain in the side, more frequently the left;
  • the formation of stones in the kidneys - it is manifested by pain in the lower back;
  • appendicitis, - in this disease the pain shoots in both sides;
  • infectious diseases, accompanied by the defeat of the lungs.

In most cases, these reasons may bring a pain in the back below the waist.

The factors by which the pain can appear healthy for an adult or a child:

  • influence of long-term cold temperatures;
  • the conditions of work, in which the man is forced to pick up a couple of hours;
  • sudden movements;
  • with a strong cough (occurs the pain in the back above the waist);
  • stay in an awkward posture, possibly during sleep, or during a long trip;
  • the escape of the menses;
  • injuries or fractures, not necessarily of the spine. Due to fractures pain from one place often results in the back;
  • a bad posture;
  • the increase of the mass of the body;
  • classification by age - back problems can occur at any age, but for people of middle age or older of this signal, characterized more often, as in the body can be chronic diseases, reduce the speed of some processes, so that the pain occurs in the muscles of the back (can't spend a lot of time).

Worth considering the back pain during pregnancy. The woman throughout the period feel heaviness in the back and pain in the chest when coughing, due to the growing fruit and the pressure that is created. Due to the inclination of the trunk, muscles of the lumbar spine and the pelvis are tightened to support the weight. It is for these reasons that there is a pain in the back.


Depending on the causes, it is unpleasant to feel he is in different places:

  • the pain in the back above the waist - can be periodic or chronic character, mainly occurs due to some factors, among which the organization of the place of work or weight lifting;
  • the pain directly at the lumbar area - is manifest in the background of displacement or herniation of intervertebral discs. The pain can be so strong that the pain occurs in the back when breathing and coughing, but in a horizontal position all passes;
  • the pain below the waist - it can occur due to hypothermia of the body or heavy loads in the back. If this symptom has been manifested with any disease, you should immediately call an ambulance. Of this type are characteristic discomfort in the right side of the user, which often occur in the lower extremities;
  • pain in shoulders - pain in the back of the left comes to a heart attack or psychological problems. Often applies in these strange places, such as the arm, the neck or the groin. In the right part - in the formation of stones or other kidney diseases. The pain directly in both shoulders is expressed by tumors, or tuberculosis;
  • the pain in the back of the right side gives a signal to respiratory problems, pneumonia or cancer in the lungs or bronchi, as well as in the agencies involved in the allocation of the urine;
  • the pain in the back to the left says about the problems with the heart and the respiratory system;
  • the pain in the lower back - the most common type of discomfort, as it can be expressed due to the large number of diseases, for example, when the catarrhal cough, or under the influence of external factors. What is characteristic, if these pains extend to the side and lasts for more than three months, this means that the disorder overflowed in the chronic form;
  • the pain in the upper back, is often the result of cancer tumors or metastases in the lungs or in the spine.

Classification of back pain

The symptoms of the

The symptoms of pain in the back of a different location, may vary, depending on the causes of the occurrence. More often the syndrome of back pain that accompanies these signs:

  • the limitation of the capacity for work and the motor functions of the person due to the different intensity of the pain, and the disclosure in different parts, other organs, or extremities;
  • the frequent urge to the emission of the urine, especially if the back pain is caused by problems with the kidneys or urinary channel;
  • in some cases, heat is produced;
  • the strong reduction of the body mass;
  • diarrhea;
  • weakness and pain in the muscles of the back;
  • nausea, ending in vomiting;
  • the pressure in the chest, the heart and the lungs;
  • the onset of severe pain in the lungs when coughing;
  • the feeling of lack of air;
  • the ongoing concern;
  • the distraction of the attention;
  • decreased visual acuity and hearing.

Because the main symptom is pain, which may be of a different character. In some cases it may be sharp and cutting, in others, constant and pressing. Often the pain spreads in different parts, internal organs or places in which, in principle, should not be, for example, the face, the neck, the lower jaw. In some cases, the pain syndrome is acute after the intake of food, or, on the contrary, it stops, can occur during sleep, due to the bad position or walk, once a person adopts a horizontal position.

The diagnosis

Before you begin the treatment, the therapist must pass a series of tests to determine the possible cause of the expression of the pain, its type and the place of location. For the doctor who has received a complete picture of the circulation of this uncomfortable feelings, the patient must:


  • provide complete information about your symptoms that accompany the pain in the back, when for the first time been manifest and to the extent that you are intensive;
  • to express the hypothesis that could cause such a feeling, for example, menstruation, uncomfortable sleeping posture or the position of the body during work, coughing or sudden movements, as well as giving the possibility of a specialist to consult the complete list of all the diseases of a particular patient for the whole life;
  • tell, in what place it occurs the pain, and in what organs or parts of the body is distributed. This is very important to determine the diagnosis, since the different localization of the pain can talk about different diseases;
  • pass the general inspection, the doctor palpation of the spine;
  • deliver the analysis of blood and urine to determine the pathological process or disease of the kidneys;
  • perform x-rays will help to detect abnormalities in the structure of the spine, thorax and lungs;
  • pass the ct and mri - the test for the detection of possible pathologies of the internal organs;
  • examine the muscles through electromyography;
  • a study of the bones through the introduction into the organism of a contrast medium. Where it accumulates, and there occurs the violation;
  • evaluated to determine the density of the bone tissue;
  • in addition to consult specialists such as the neurologist, the rheumatologist, the orthopedist, and vertebrologist.

After obtaining all the results of the analysis, the doctor will prescribe an individual treatment for each patient.

The treatment of the

If the pain is unbearable, before the arrival of the doctors, you must perform first-aid activities:

  • attach a cold compress to the back area, where localized pain;
  • ensure the complete immobility in order to prevent a greater harm. The victim must adopt the best position of the body;
  • take medications for the pain medications;
  • exclude any charge.

After the arrival to the health facility, the treatment is performed, the basis is the therapy of the underlying disease, which may consist of:

  • anti-inflammatory medications;
  • the preparation of ointments;
  • the drugs that treat the spasm at the intense pain in the lower back, since it is precisely this type of pain occurs with increased frequency in patients;
  • drugs that increase the production of components of cartilage tissue;
  • physiotherapeutic treatment (heating);
  • therapeutic massage;
  • manual therapy techniques, but can be applied only under the prescription of the doctor, because if there is something wrong in the realization of this treatment is likely to worsen the situation;
  • acupuncture - as in the previous section, is applied with the permission of your doctor;
  • the medical intervention, is carried out only in some cases, for example, oncology or the need to establish the intervertebral prosthesis;
  • wearing a corset special, which reduces the load on the spine and the back.

The prevention of the

The interventions of prevention methods to avoid the occurrence of back pain are:

  • the timely treatment of the diseases of the spine, the lungs, the kidneys and the organs of the abdominal cavity;
  • the refusal of the strong physical exertion and hypothermia of the organism, and in particular pregnant women;
  • the compliance of the correct posture during work and study;
  • to ensure comfortable conditions for sleep;
  • the setting of increased body mass;
  • the limitation of the movements of the back;
  • check the clinic for the early detection of pathologies that cause pain in the back.