The treatment of cervical chondrosis's at home

Neck хондроз

One of the most common and transported standing of the inconvenience of the disease is cervical chondrosis, so that the home treatment of this disease is very current theme. Initial stage of the degenerate exchange of the intervertebral discs – chondrosis – in most cases it is asymptomatic, which provides all risk: limit of detection and is not properly treatment can cause the pinching of the vessels and the violation of blood circulation of the brain. That is why that every person should have at least an area of the earth the notion of how to detect and treat neck chondrosis by itself.

The causes and symptoms

Before chondrosis in the cervical region of the spine is found mainly in people of advanced age. Today, more and more, the disease is diagnosed in young people, who for a long time on the computer and for static work.

If you have cervical chondrosis's human can disturb:

  • The pain in the neck, which occurs in the shoulders;
  • The noise in the ears and in the spotlight in front of the eyes;
  • Dull headaches and regular dizzy;
  • The crunch and the "attacks" in the cervical region;
  • The instability of the blood pressure;
  • "Snow" in the throat when swallowing;
  • A bad dream;
  • The general weakness and tiredness.

Treatment in the home

Of course, in the case of acute pain, you should consult immediately to a medical center. But the experience of a sick person, after a lot of study all the symptoms, they do not always do, and with time, they learn skills of first aid and practice to the treatment of cervical chondrosis's at home. Also the medical after the assessment and diagnosis may suggest how to treat chondrosis of the back in the home, if the illness is not located in the execution stage. Most of the methods are very simple and effective.


The painful symptoms of cervical chondrosis's is sometimes unbearable to endure, and if we talk about headache, their presence in general is not valid. For a fast removal of the symptoms in the first aid kit should be:

  • Analgesics (baralgin, analgin);
  • Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (indomethacin, ibuprofen);
  • Chondroprotector (rumanol, alflutop, chondroxide).

Of any of the pain medications you can buy at the pharmacy without a prescription, but this does not mean one hundred is not necessary the consultation of a specialist in regard to your application.

To relieve the inflammation and the prevention of violations of cerebral circulation, may be used medications for external use. Well have been acquiring a reputation as a warming ointment like finalgon, common voltaren, capsicam.

Home remedies

There are many techniques of treatment based on the basis of folk medicine. Some of them are very popular, as they help to eliminate the pain and improve the change processes in the cervical region of the spinal column by a relatively short time. Unfortunately, cure chondrosis remedies will not work – only an integrated approach is necessary.

Options compresses and forms of shred:

  • Express-pack of burdock or cabbage. We apply the cool of the worksheet instead of the location of the pain, he immediately becomes easier.
  • The potatoes, grate and mix with the same amount of honey. To relieve the inflammation and the pain enough to hold the compress for 10 to 15 minutes, two times a day.
  • A good tool to warm – mustard with honey. The neck area should be massaged honey, above to put the poultice of mustard, and of the film. Compress it is desirable to make every day before you go to sleep, throughout the week.
  • Red pepper has anti-inflammatory properties and that warming effect. The vegetables should be finely chop and connect with 100 grams of aloe juice, 200 grams of honey and a glass of alcohol. Through the night, you can use the tool: to do so, moisten with a solution of clean water from the gauze and apply to the focus of inflammation. It is recommended to keep the compress on it before the sensation of a strong burning.
  • Made from crushed rose petals and mix with the olive oil and stay half an hour in a water bath. Strain the mixture through gauze and pulverize before bedtime sore spot.
In place of location of the pain effective pads and растирки

Medicinal tincture:

  • 1 teaspoon of pre-dried and crushed celery root boil 5 minutes in a liter of water. Then, the mixture should rest for a day. Drinking a teaspoon before meals.
  • Chopped, the root and bark of barberry pour the alcohol in a ratio of 1: 10 and insist, in the course of the week. Ready tool strain and take 30 drops 20 minutes before meals.
  • 3 tablespoons of used of seeds of parsley, pour a liter of boiling water and boil for 10 minutes. Of the cooking time, strain it and consume in ½ cup with each meal.

Source of calcium

How to cure neck chondrosis know the generation of the pre-trial recommended to take the shell of eggs normal. This product in 90% of calcium carbonate, which travels on the body, perfectly assimilated and positively influences the quality of bone. Cooking recipe popular drugs is very simple: the soldiers of the eggs and take the shell to separate from the inner white of the movie.

Dried peel grind in a coffee grinder and eat at the tip of the spoon, having turned off the lemon juice.
The shell of the egg as a source of calcium Self-massage

Self-massage can be applied in any environment, both at home and at work during the lunch hour. Only a couple of minutes of its implementation normalizes the circulation of blood, decrease pain syndrome and improvement of well-being, and regulate the implementation of the procedures be to stop the processes that destroy the cartilage, shaving the inside of the cloth of the spine.

A man takes a position sitting at the table, putting your elbows on the table, and alternatively the tip of fingers is one, the other hand refers to the plots of the neck. Now to warmed up the muscles more intensely influence keystrokes, using the edge of the palm, and the phalanx of the thumb. In the area of the pain syndrome must travel with the tips of the fingers, adding a slight tingling. Perform the massage is one of the sensations of heat in the occipital part, as a general rule, for the nuchal translucency is sufficient 5-8 minutes. To complete the process you must caress the neck.

In the home is a perfect massage medicine with the use of a roller or a glass bottle. Take the "coach" in the right hand and strike in an area with the shoulder in the area of the spinal column, and then the same procedure for the left side. Another option massage to yourself – lie on the roller and "take a walk", massaging the pain from the plot of the back.

Very well, if the first session of massage will be conducted under the supervision of an experienced professional. Nothing serious in its realization does not, but has its own characteristics. For example, kneading in neck, cuffs not to facilitate things, but on the contrary, it will increase the pain.

Massager with vibration

Massage therapy of vibration of the cervical spine is a unique device, it "works" is no worse than the massage itself. You can buy in any store of medical equipment, however, before you make the purchase, it is necessary to consult with the specialist doctor.


Gymnastics for the neck in the home, the perfect way to not only reduce pain at the time of aggravation, but also to avoid this. Simply it is necessary to execute the following structure on a regular basis such as morning or evening heating:

  1. Foot exactly, or sitting in a chair (the protagonist) begins to make circular movements in the direction of the needles of the clock and then against it. Each approach of 2 minutes.
  2. Occupying the same position as in the first exercise, gently tilt the head forward, backward. Then, follow the effect of the tilt of the head to the left and to the right.
  3. Try as high as possible, and just raise the shoulders upwards, leaving the body without movement. Hold in this position for 30 seconds and return to starting position. Such 15-20 approaches.
  4. Put the palm of the hand in the front so that all the tips of the fingers, in addition to large, touch, push slowly and put it on the face. To improve to the maximum the circulation of the blood to repeat the exercise a temporary part of the head.
  5. Keeping uniform the position of the head, pull the neck backwards, dragging to the east of the chin. The 5 seconds it returns to the initial position, relaxed seated in the chair. Perform 5-10 repetitions.

Chondrosis neck – a disease that does not heal in a day. Accordingly, the complex of exercises must be done constantly, gradually increasing the number of sets and repetitions. Therefore, the neck muscles to train to become stronger and more resistant. And the likelihood of new episodes of pain with each new occupation will be reduced. In consequence, any variation of the graphics is a step back to the headaches.

The prevention of the

Any disease is better to prevent than to treat. To reduce the possibility of developing cervical chondrosis's must:

  • Eat well. Prepare a complete and a balanced diet. In the daily menu should contain enough protein products (meat, fish, dairy products). It is also necessary to regulate the intake of lots of fresh vegetables and fruit, after digestion in spinal discs dissolve deposits of manganese. Special attention should be paid to the regime of drinking water: the standard of an adult pure non-carbonated water, 2-2,5 liters per day.
  • Lead an active lifestyle. All the days to be outdoors, hiking or riding a bicycle, to participate in the prevention of sport (swimming, pilates, yoga). Categorically don't lift weights, and the inability to prevent this, distribute the load evenly in both hands, taking care not to overload your back.
  • Always maintain the correct position of the body. The habit of maintain level the posture must be developed even from childhood. Prolonged stay in the same position that should be breaks in the training. During sleep comfort and the correct position will help you to watch special, orthopedic mattresses and pillows.