What hurts your back? How to heal correctly and that can do damage

Pain in the back complain that the 85% of people. How to properly heal and if you can get rid of the pain once and for always?

Hurts my back? You are not alone! The data of sociological studies show that back pain is the second after the viral infections, the cause of the inability of the adult population. Is born together with us, (according to the neonatologists, the 80-90% of children at birth receive the injuries of the spine) and sooner or later reaches out to all. There is the opinion that is the payment for bipedalism. As the growth of the person of the burden in "dead-weight the mountain range" increases, since the problems of the spinal column harden, and the stress, suffering, obesity, overload, sedentary lifestyle exacerbate the problems and back pain can occur even at an early age.

the back pain

It does not hurt?

In the vast majority (95 per cent) the pain is associated with muscles, ligaments and joints. In the village this is called pull back. These pains unpleasant, but not in most of the cases are going alone for 2-3 days.

The 3-4% of the pain associated with radiculopathy (sciatica) – the defeat spinal spine. Is damaged normally hernia. The pains disappear, when it celebrates the edema caused by the oppression.

The 1-2% of back pain caused by injury or inflammatory diseases of the spine, processes cancer, cardiovascular disease, or gastrointestinal, in which the pain syndrome can happen in the back. It is the most deadly pains in the back. To avoid these diseases, always consult your doctor.

There was No time to lose

The main indicator of what you need to medical therapy, is the regularity of the pains. If you bend the time – probably nothing serious. If the pain of small or medium intensity chasing you without rest, there was no time to lose. It is urgent to consult a doctor if the pain is accompanied with the rise of the temperature or the pain syndrome grows on the bottom of the treatment.

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In the home

The most effective means – anti-inflammatory oral anti-diabetic drugs. Just don't overdo it – the insurance is only the first time. In places of reception of medicines can cause ulcers and bleeding in the mucosa of the stomach. The traditional home-treatment – medicine ointment – can be applied only as additional measures. They are harmless, but they are not as effective. The relief of the da and the use of the corset – blocking of the unloading of the spine, relieves spasms, and restricts sudden movements. Only the corset should be normal – elastic, and non-laminator type induction.

If treatment is not given effect within the period of three days, a doctor should be consulted, which will cause the blocking anti-injections. Due to the elimination of the spasms and the relaxation of the muscles of the pain go away immediately and, often, to always.


Steam and massage under conditions strictly prohibited. Strengthen the swelling and the pain.

Access to favor to chiropractors of the ads in the newspaper. Chiropractic is a field where every professional is given three hundreds of charlatans. If you want to find a good doctor, should be addressed in the certificate of the clinic where it is formed by specialists.

Important to correctly identify the tactics of treatment. This should do a neurologist or neurosurgeon. Self-medicate the back dangerous. The 30% of patients in neurosurgery at the office we tested nearly allowed treatment methods and these have brought her to the hospital bed.

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To cut or not?

More recently, the person who put the diagnosis of a hernia", immediately gave in the direction of the operation. Today, the operation is performed only when there is a witness:

  • persistent pain, does not perform any of the pills;
  • disorder of the pelvis functions of incomplete emptying of the bladder;
  • the weakness and numbness in the leg.

All these symptoms mean that the operation is imminent, because without it, the patient can be affected by a disability.

That we run the risk of

The risk of the surgery, due to its postpone, or refuse in general, many patients are very exaggerated. In neurosurgery it is the technology that allows you to accurately calculate the efficiency of the operation and then, what are the symptoms after it will disappear, and those that remain.

The likelihood of the resumption of pain after the operation does not exceed 1-1,5%. The hernia in other places, in fact, may appear, but this is not a complication, and the spread of the disease, which often occurs in the young rebel of the patients. Once the pain goes, it's back to the usual style of life: sit behind the wheel, they resumed the trainings. And to do this it is absolutely impossible.

All the blame the osteochondrosis?

The osteochondrosis is a chronic disease and the other hand, dystrophic changes of the intervertebral space. The signs of the degenerative disc disease that have all people over the age of 25 years. Avoid the osteochondrosis it is impossible, but you can protect yourself from its complications, which can serve the cause of the pains in the back.