The reasons why a bad back pain

A strong pain in the back is a dangerous symptom of that, in any case can not be tolerated. The causes can be varied, ranging from degenerative changes in the spine to diseases of the internal organs. If a lot of back pain, it is first necessary to ensure the physiological peace, to take a comfortable position.

Next steps consist in the call from a doctor in the house, and the acute, unbearable, sharp pain, when it is difficult to find it facilitates the state of the pose – to call an ambulance. If the attack of the average person is not the first time, and he knows the cause, you can take a painkiller (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug). The painful that you can also apply cool compress. In the future, you should go to a clinic and tell your doctor about the worsening of the existing disease.

The causes of the

The man with back pain

A sharp pain in the back has a different origin. Pain syndrome is acute or paroxysmal nature, appears suddenly, is concerned on a permanent basis or from time to time. The pain can be painful, pulling, eripiant divide and to strengthen after a long stay in the same position. In the lower part of the back, sometimes a feeling of tightness, heaviness, tingling, and may experience numbness or tingling. Strong sharp pain in the back significantly reduces the quality of life, affects the ability of work.

In the group of risk are the following:

  1. office workers, programmers, etc (which for a long time sitting in the computer);
  2. people with excess of weight;
  3. people who lead inactive lifestyle (sedentary);
  4. those who perform heavy work, does an intense physical work;
  5. those, who suffered an injury in the back;
  6. the professional athletes;
  7. the people of old;
  8. pregnant women, women after delivery.

Cause pain of sudden reckless moves, the hypothermia. Of the disease, accompanied of morbidity in the back:

  1. the scoliosis;
  2. the osteochondrosis;
  3. spondiloarthrosis;
  4. hernia protrusions;
  5. the breach of the roots;
  6. the violation of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems;
  7. the neuralgia;
  8. trauma;
  9. infectious processes, tumors, etc

The back pain can be the consequence of many kinds of damage: bumps, bruises, fractures, etc Mechanics of the injury is reason for an immediate treatment to your doctor, even if, at first sight, it seems that nothing is seriously not. Pain syndrome was a slight injury (e.g., bruises), can appear right away, and after some time. In severe cases, in addition to the court of intense pain, you can see the peresias, paralysis.

To determine the degree of severity of state of patient is prescribed x-rays, computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging. In some cases, can help only surgical intervention, as well as conservative treatment of injuries sole objective of eliminating the symptoms. After the operation must be of long duration the course of the rehabilitation. Even this volume of processing activities does not guarantee that the back pains that will not bother the person throughout the life.


A pathological process most often localized in the lower back or cervical region of the spine. The vertebrae have a large mobility, they are suffering a great pressure, and that in consequence irrational physical activity and, under other circumstances, leads to a change. The cartilage the fabric is affected by the rate of exchange of the violations, the inflammation and the accumulation of salts. To detect the degenerative disc disease do an mri.

Acute pain attack occurs as a result of the degenerate-calcifications of the changes to the disk. In the development of pain est swelling and the deprivation of the loins. A sharp pain in the neck area radiates into the shoulders, the arms, the shoulder blades. As the disease progresses it extends into the thoracic area, pain appear already in the sternum. Completely treatment of the degenerative disc disease you can not but improve the quality of life is possible.


When irrational the distribution of the load in the back, in the long run is in a pose, a way of life the spine undergoes warp changes. Muscles constantly cramped, the nerves are weakened. Because of this, they appear sharp pains. The onset of the disease is often falls on the children age, when children begin to go to school, many spend their time behind a desk, they are heavy text books.

For the detection of scoliosis, special studies are not needed. The doctor will determine the curvature without technical tools to the regular examination.

It is a violation of the skeleton, in which the spinal column bent subsequently more anatomical of the standard. In the beginning of the disease, the patient is seen simply ergo fleret inclinavit, as the pathological development of the process it creates the hump. The shoulders are issued against, the rib cage is narrow. Because of this, intervertebral discs m? s of breastfeeding and the division of compressed and appear pains. The most dangerous is the kifoskolioticheskaya form, the spinal column when this twisted in different departments.


In this disease are changes in the cartilage tissue of the joints. The cartilage loses its elasticity and flexibility. The bone tissue is slowly cleared, but are formed pathological bone spurs – osteophytes. They are the ones that cause a strong sharp pain, damage to adjacent soft tissue and nerves. Often for patients in need of surgery, as well as the usual treatment gives temporary, it is symptomatic of the effect.

Hernia of the EDUCATION

As the wear and tear of the intervertebral disc loses its elasticity and resistance. The vertebrae have different discs of the double burden. All of this leads to that the cartilage the fabric begins to exit by anatomically normal of the border.

When the location of the injury process in the area spinnomozgovogo of the channel alters the sensitivity, can occur in the peresias, paralysis. As a result of sdavleniya roots emerge strong from the pain of the attacks. Detect a hernia may use ct and mri. The disease is treated with surgery. Now use less traumatica laser interventions that reduce the recovery period.


Under the influence of traumatic factors hypothermia, overloads physical inflammation begins, which also affects the nerves. Develops and neuralgia. A sign of their abrupt, tribunus plebis modestus, "violate" the pains in different parts of the back, to the right or to the left, at the bottom, in the chest, etc, the Pain may occur at the abrupt movement, with a strong cough.

Such A state take pain killers and anti-inflammatory pills, organize the mode of the day.

Syndrome back pain can occur when the coronary heart disease. You experience a burning pain, a compress of nature, radiating to the back, shoulder, jaw, left shoulder. It may seem that the pain in his left side. The patient may specify a clear location for the sternum. Typical symptoms of coronary heart pain – the outrage nitroglycerin sublingual. Heart, the pain after the tablet or nitrospray passes through 5-10 minutes. If the attack lasts 20 minutes, and during more time, you have the opportunity to reflect on the myocardial infarction. It is urgent to call an ambulance!

Another cause of a strong sharp pain in the back – renal colic. The process is localized to one side. The pain is so intense that the patient is in bed, can not find forced the situation. Arise dysuric disorders of the urine is separated a little, it may be blood. The pain spreads throughout the progress of ureter downward, in the lower part of the womb, the adductors. All of these conditions require emergency medical assistance!

As do syndrome painful

If the symptoms indicate coronary, renal, the source of the pain (especially if the patient knows about the existence of the problems), it is necessary to call an ambulance. These patients are hospitalized in the intensive care unit. When coronary syndrome should adopt the position of half-sitting, open this by restricting the clothing, you take nitroglycerin under the tongue. In kidney disease the cramps forced pose is not, the patient can help to the heat in the affected area of the face. Conventional pain when you renal, hepatic colic, acute coronary syndrome not help. The patient is injected drugs pain relievers.

You have described the conditions that require urgent medical attention. In the rest of cases of threat to the life of the patient does not. If the patient knows that he has back problems, is able to facilitate the attack to take anti-inflammatory pain reliever medication. It is important to ensure the full physiological of the peace, of excluding any load in the period of exacerbation.

In diseases of the locomotor apparatus during the sharpening used anti-inflammatory, calefactionem cunctam ointment. In severe cases, when the tablet does not help doctors to prescribe injections – novocaine, lidocaine blockade. If the symptomatology has not been lost, the prescription of nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drugs.

As soon as the state will be better, I have to go to the appointment with the doctor. If the patient returned for the first time, the specialist will determine why it got sick of the back and what to do if you enter an intense pain. In the period of remission, when pain attack cut off, the patient is prescribed massage therapy, physiotherapy, physical therapy, acupuncture, etc All these methods are applied to the initial stages of the disease. In severe cases, requires surgery.

It is useful to use orthotics of the corss, that support the back and reduce the work load. These accessories are also recommended during pregnancy, to reduce the load on the spine. A good effect in case of back problems gives the gym. The resort appoints medical care and sports is best done under the supervision of an instructor.

Exercise for back

Examples of exercises:

  1. Lie down on your back. Bending the leg at the knee. Another to bend and straighten, touch the ground. Do 10 repetitions, then change leg.
  2. Lie on the floor. Bending the knees. Of the tail to oppose to the knees to the sides.
  3. Hand-in-hand to put on his shoulders, movements of rotation forward and backward.
  4. Hand lift, concatenate in the castle. The head lay back again, trying to look in the palm of the hand.
  5. Twisting of trunk.

It is important not to forget that prevention. If you have excess weight, it is necessary to reset. They should lead an active lifestyle, especially sedentary workers. The job should be well equipped, it is better to buy a safety seat with adjustable backrest. You must also pay attention to the shoes – avoid excess wear high heels or models with the drawback of terminals. Spine disease is easier to prevent than to cure, so it must always be borne in mind about the simple and very realistic rules.