It hurts right back: possible causes

Each one of us at least once in his life was with pains in the back. As a general rule, this symptom is not a cause of special concern, and passes in a short time independently.

However, if the back pain right arise with surprising regularity, we recommend to pay attention to your body's signals and consult a doctor.

Below the information presented, you picked up the symptoms main of the definition of the disease, however, a secure diagnosis, able to put, only a qualified technician.

The pain in the back on the right side: the nature and intensity of the

The pain in the back of a man

The pain in the back area may indicate a number of diseases in urinary, sexual, nervous, circulatory systems and of the diseases of the breathing organs.

Usually the pain is located in the area where you will find healthy of the authority, indicating, therefore, in pathology, in volume or in any other place. But sometimes back pain can occur and away from the painful of the authority.

Regardless of the place of the location of the pain of their nature can help determine the exact cause.

  1. cramping – it is linked, usually with a strong contraction of the muscles of the hollow organs.
  2. Constant – he says the tension of the outer shell of parenchymatous structures.
  3. The growing – as a general rule, the evidence about the inflammatory processes.
  4. Acute often indicates that the gap in any of the education, nerve. In addition, an acute pain on the right side of the back can speak, and about the obstruction of the vessels, radiculitis or hemorrhage is intraperitoneal.
  5. Stabbing pain – is related to problems with peripheral nervous system or the spinal cord, may be caused by the maternal presence of osteochondrosis.
  6. Pulling – is a sign of problems with intervertebral discs, may occur by reason of the osteochondrosis, an intervertebral hernia, or inflammation of the intervertebral joints.
  7. The pain most often occurs after strenuous exercise and in little time passes, however, is not so harmless, as well as the cause of that aching back pain on the right may also be a tumor of the spinal cord or of the spinal column.

The pain on the right side of the back: the location of

Depending on the location of the pain you can try to determine the cause of its appearance. Without a doubt, the precise diagnosis can be put only a specialist after the full of the survey, however, the deployment of the pain can help to understand to what specialist you should get in the first place.

  • The back pain in the central part of the right-hand side. Possible cause is the disease of the kidneys.
  • The pain in the back just below the shovel on the right. This problem, generally, has a neurological nature (it is the consequence of the crushing of the optic nerve). In addition, it is worthwhile to pay attention to their lungs, since this symptom may indicate the presence of cancerous tumors in the bronchi or the lungs, pleurisy, or pneumonia.
  • The pain in the back right below the ribs. In this area are the liver, the pancreas and the gallbladder. For this reason, the infringement of the work of any of these organs can cause pain. If the pain does not go away over several days and is accompanied with fever, nausea, vomiting, there is the possibility of cholecystitis. Sometimes this type of pain can give in the chest, in the right shoulder or a spatula. If there is a suspicion of cholecystitis, we recommend urgently to call an ambulance.
  • The pain in the lower part of the back right. This location of the pain may indicate pathology of the spine and the education of an intervertebral hernia. Another possible problem – diseases of the urinary system. In this last case, what would be the position of the patient does not have tried to take over, nothing will bring relief and does not weaken the pain.

The causes of pain in the back to the right

As mentioned above, back pain may indicate that a large number of diseases.

We present below a classification of the main causes of these pains.

Diseases of the digestive system

Acute cholecystitis. A severe pain, which can last from several hours to several days. Is generally located in the area of the epigastrium. You can "give" on the right side of the chest, to the right, the paddle, the shoulder, the shoulder girdle. We often accompanied with fever, nausea, vomiting, yellowish tint to the skin, the tension of the abdominal muscles, and tenderness to palpation in the area of the right hypochondrium.

Diseases of the respiratory system
  • The inflammation of the lungs (pneumonia) with moderate or severe pain in the chest or the shoulder. And when deep breathing or coughing pain may increase. In addition, usually, the pain is accompanied with fever, cough, or wheezing in the lungs;
  • pneumothorax with a sudden intense pain in the chest with the irradiacin in the paddle. For the neumotrax is characteristic on the side of the defeat of the decrease of the excursion of the chest, as well as the absence of sound when listening;
  • "dry" pleural effusion with objects with sharp pains in the right side of the thorax, related breathing movements;
  • the cancer of bronchial tubes or the lungs. The nature and intensity of the pain depends on the location of the disease and its prevalence. Thus, the defeat of the upper part of the lung is observed pain in the shoulder or the shoulder;
  • when they begin to germinate the pleura may experience pain in the chest with the affected on the one hand, that increases with breathing, the movement of the trunk, coughing, and in the case of the defeat qui inter coastal nerve pain, are usually from ringworm of the nature.
Diseases of the urinary system
  • Thrombosis of the renal artery or renal colic;
  • a retroperitoneal hematoma. It is characterized by sudden lumbar pain of unknown origin to the sick, to receive previously anticoagulant therapy;
  • stones in the kidney;
  • the violation of outflow of urine.
The curvature of the spine
  • The violation of the posture as a result of a long stay body physiologically uncomfortable to him the situation. The fact that the constant found in a bad posture can lead to deformation of the spine and, as a consequence, an uneven distribution of the load supported with the muscles of the spine.
Disease of the reproductive system of the woman of the
  • The inflammatory processes of the pelvic organs;
  • tumors and ovarian cysts.


The woman clings to the back

Back pain during pregnancy are not dangerous only if they have been excluded chronic pathology of the spine and the kidneys.

The case is that when receptamentum of the child, the mom-to-be abruptly gaining weight is sufficient for the short term, therefore, the load on the muscles of the back increases, and the result could be regular by pulling the back pain right. To reduce the discomfort must be more than walking, not be more and to the swimming pool.

It is not excluded that the cause cause back pain, may be spinal cord injuries.

The sharp pain in the back: is it worth panic?

Often, sharp pains in the back may indicate the need for urgent treatment and even surgery. In such cases, regardless of the speed of the support may depend on the patient's life. Therefore, pay special attention to the fact in which signs should be urgently asking for help to the doctors:

  • the sudden never-ending sharp pain in the right back;
  • the acute pain below the ribs;
  • pain in the lower part of the back, accompanied by weakness and dizziness up to loss of consciousness.

The treatment for back pain right

Without the consultation of a doctor taking any kind of medications is not recommended, since in the right part of the body is concentrated in many vital organs. For the immediate lifting of the syndrome of pain you can take pain relievers.

However, this does not resolve your problem, and will only be allowed to forget it in a short time. Therefore, we recommend that if you have back pain on the right side of consulting a specialist who will assess your medical history, perform a series of analyses, and, certainly, reveal the cause of these pains. After that you are diagnosed and determination of appropriate treatment.