The pain in his side left behind: in the waist area up, down, below the ribs, with the movement of the

This can be as the blocking of the muscles in the back due to the clamping of any of the vertebrae, and the disease of the internal organs. More about this we will speak below.

the back pain

On the left side rear in the lumbar area

The groups main causes of the onset of pain in his left side behind can be:

  • the kidney disease, and various of the urinary system;
  • the defeat of the spleen;
  • a pathological process in the digestive system;
  • diseases of the spine;
  • pathological process musculoskeletal system, etc

Establish the exact origin of pain conducted by the physician using methods of objective study of the patient, or to designate certain additional methods of study. For more information on this will be discussed in the description of each type of pain.

If the discomfort are related to the back, we offer to you a complex of exercises.

Above the waist

If the pain appears to the left back above the waist, you should think of the following possible options for their appearance:

  1. a pathological process in the pancreas (the most common is the inflammation — pancreatitis);
  2. the osteochondrosis of the spine (and on the other hand, dystrophic disease of the spine, which is accompanied by a decrease in the height of the intervertebral discs);
  3. the defeat of the adrenal glands (most often the adrenal glands can affect tumor the process that leads to the onset of pain).

To confirm the defeat pancreas, breast, it is necessary to perform a biochemical analysis of the blood, which reveals the increase of the activity of pancreatic enzymes (amylase, lipase, trypsin and others). The designation of the treatment contributes to the interruption of the pathological process. To do this, the following principles shall apply:

  • the cold;
  • the hunger;
  • peace.

Confirm the osteochondrosis allows detailed neurological research, that reveals the pain in the places of exit of the nerve roots. In the complex diagnostic cases, we recommend the ct scan, or nuclear energy, and magnetic resonance imaging.

Tumors of the adrenal glands can be identified or at the time of ultrasound or x-ray of the investigation, either at the time of the realization of ct. "Gold" standard of diagnosis of cancer of any process is histologically.

At the bottom

If the pain occurs later left and at the bottom, you should think about the following causes:

  1. the defeat of the intestine (the most frequent is the colitis, that is to say, the process of inflammation in the colon);
  2. kidney disease (or pyelonephritis or urolithiasis);
  3. the osteochondrosis of the spine;
  4. myositis (especially if the pain is localized on the march of the spinal column).

The most frequent cause of pain that have this location, are the diseases of the urinary system. For identification, it is recommended to perform a clinical analysis of urine and an ultrasound of the kidneys. Clinical analysis of urine can detect the following types of deviations:

  • the increase of the amount of protein (may be associated with an inflammatory process or a violation of the filtration/reabsorption in the kidneys);
  • increased number of leukocytes speaks of inflammatory process (the more frequent the pyelonephritis – inflammation of the cup-the pelvis of the kidney system);
  • the increase in the number of erythrocytes takes place when the kidneys, when the stone is carried to the trauma of the urinary tract.

Below the ribs

The onset of pain just below the ribs is usually related to the pathological processes that affect the spleen. It is an organ that helps to get rid of the damaged cells of the blood. Therefore, when various problems (leukemias), produces a significant increase, which is accompanied by stretching of the capsule. This is what causes the syndrome of pain that is located below the ribs on the left. The injury of the spleen in case of a fall or blow may also be the cause of this pain syndrome.

pain on the left side

Ulcer of the stomach or duodenum can lead to the onset of pain just below the ribs on the left. The pain can be sharp, which shows the different complications (penetration, after the piercing), or that it hurts. Conducting fibrogastroduodenoscopy tests for detection of H. pylori (the cause of developing peptic ulcer disease) allows you to establish the final diagnosis.

We've also written about the causes of pain in sternum in the middle of the symptoms, and also let's see what diseases can cause the discomfort.

During the movement

The pain that is located behind the left side and is worse with movement, usually related to the following reasons:

  • the osteochondrosis;
  • myositis;
  • urolithiasis.

How to perform the differential diagnosis with this pathological processes, noted above. For the identification of myositis is recommended in addition to the objective study and electromyography.

Given in the leg

The pain is usually shooting in the leg during the presence of substances in the urinary system, neuralgia, and also if there is intraabdominal bleeding, the causes can be very different (peptic ulcer, apoplegia ovary, broken ectopic pregnancy, injuries, etc).Early diagnosis of the same type with those that have already been examined. If the pain intensifies when lifting, grinding the feet, indicates that the pathology of the nerve trunk (the so-called symptom of stress).

Therefore, the reason why the pain comes up from behind and to the left, are very varied. Their accurate identification will be the key to the success of the treatment, which will improve significantly the well-being of the person.