Back pain below the blades: to the left, to the right, with the two parties, causes and treatment

Due to the ignorance of the specificity for the diagnosis of diseases of the spine begins self-treatment (poultices, ointments, compresses), but often, it was all in vain, only the doctor can find the cause and a treatment. Why it hurts the back below the vanes?

the back pain

What could be the pain?

The shovel is located near the collarbone and the humerus, is located in the rear of the back. In its essence, it is a steam bath bone, which has the shape of a triangle, to it are attached the muscles responsible for the mobility of the shoulder girdle. The ribs and the scapula is a framework for the muscles of the back, pain under shoulder blades is not valid, you must diagnose the original cause and start the course of therapy.

Types of pain just below the shoulder blades can be divided into several subgroups:

  • For the location of the pain (under which one of the vanes; in the centre; give the sensation of pain in the chest or between the ribs; it is located above or below the scapula);
  • By the nature of the sensations (pulling, burning, sharp, spasm of pulse, gives, complaint, spill, etc);
  • For the duration of the pain symptoms (occurs often, it begins abruptly, how long will this last attack, intensifies or diminishes the pain).

For the diagnosis and identification of the causes of doctor should ask the details and understand what could have become a factor that triggered the pain (for example, an injury of the spinal column), and assign it to a patient.

The causes of pain

Why it hurts your back in the area of the blades? The main causes lie in gastrointestinal disorders, diseases of the own spine, problems with the lungs and the heart. An important factor is the psychological state of the person and of the injury.

As a general rule, if the patient pursues the sharp pain, then the root is found in the acute inflammation, of the jumps of the tissues or the muscles (for example, in the case of a fall). If the symptoms of pain to pull and not very strong, then the cause of the pain is a chronic disease of the patient. Blunt the character of the symptoms of pain frequent companion of heart attack or problems with the bladder.

The reasons for back pain under the shoulder blades, related to pathologies of the vertebral column occupy a prominent place among other factors. Since the spine supports the entire weight of the human body, thanks to him, the man walks directly, not in the four limbs, as do the animals.

If the muscles of the back relaxed, the man moves a little, the problems begin with the spine.

The osteochondrosis

If the muscles of the back and the waist is atrophied, and the man moves slightly, then the spine loses its role in the maintenance of the body and this is accompanied by pain and sensations. The vertebrae, put pressure on the discs between them, without leaving a core group of disks to be filled with liquid. The discs begin to sink, bulges, appear clear. This causes an excess of irritation of the nerve roots of the spine loses its elasticity and develops osteochondrosis. The body, in its discretion, strengthens the spine, the increased bone injuries hemorrhoid;.

The spine loses mobility and pain in the back under the blade the right and to the left. The symptoms of pain are localized on the side where they are pinched by the nerves.

The osteochondrosis in the neck begins with the pain of the symptoms in the neck, the part with the lack of blood supply to the mutes, they begin back pain below the blades. Often the pain is located on the left side. The osteochondrosis in the division starts with a pain in the back below the shoulder blades. The pain shoots up into your sternum. The sick person complains of feeling of heaviness on the sternum during respiration. The pain, occur when the osteochondrosis of breastfeeding and of the division, which often occur in the heart.

Back pain cause and other causes, is the most common osteochondrosis of the waist. Recognize this by releasing the pain in the foot, like an electric shock, the unpleasant sensations during the progression of the degenerative disc disease moves below the left a spatula. In the long run the stance of the body without change of position, most often when the patient is sitting with the back covers around the pain. The causes of pain just below the blades, associated with disorders of the spine, are recognized by the physician to the complaints about the intensification of symptoms of pain during the movement.

Diseases of the internal organs

Often, the pain caused by diseases of the heart. Getting sick under the shovel, can make the myocardial infarction, satellite and pressing sensation in the heart area. If the pain does not go away at the gym or a workout and with a deep inspiration, the patient should be urgently hospitalized in the hospital. Another clear symptom of pain related to the heart attack serve the sensations of pain under the left, with a spatula, radiating to the neck, the jaw with the left or of the left hand.

Causes of the appearance of pain in the back just below the vanes of the lies and problems with the digestive tract. In the first place, it is a stomach ulcer.

The progression of the disease of the mucosa of the authority is deteriorating acid, so that it produces the irritation of the nerves of opening and start the attacks of pain just below the spatula. Them recurring, reinforcing after eating or during the famine. The pain disappears after an attack of vomiting, grip warm compresses. The sick not sick, and start when it reaches the peak of the pain.

Another clear symptom is belching or burping, strong acidity. The sensations of pain, when they come out from under the scapula, is begins to deliver in the region of the heart. When the complete destruction of the wall of the stomach, the patient complains of delivery of the pain in the shoulder or chest, covered in sweat, pale. Often, the causes of pain behind the back are caused by problems with the light, for example, when the pulmonary pathology. If it hurts the right easy, the pain is located under with the shovel item. An infected person coughs, in the lung, wheezing, breathing hard.

Psychosomatic diseases

The psychological problems of the person can also be the cause for pain below the scapula. When people experience chronic stress, the tension is transmitted to the muscles of the back and the patient becomes difficult to a lot of time standing or sitting down that hurts the pain. Often, these causes chasing people with a sedentary lifestyle, high levels of stress and aggression (managers, agents, vendors, consultants, administrators).

The injury

It can be the cause of pain and injury in the bone obtained as a result of a fall or blow. Often, the cause is the damage of the scapula after a blow with the elbow il fall in direct hand-in-hand. The symptoms of pain is going to manifest itself in the movements of the hands and the area of the scapula is red and swollen. The cause is the inflammation of the synovial membrane bags, then, when the movement of the shoulders you will hear the crackling and the patient experience in this area of the severity and the pain.

Another factor that precedes the pain – osteomyelitis. Manifests itself in purulent inflammation of the tissues, the pain, the intoxication of the organism. Occurs as a result of injuries or from the cob with a knife. Less often, the cause of the pain is converted into malignant tumors in this area affect the tissues around the scapula.

The diagnosis

As well as the previous factors, the syndrome of pain, the crowd, the diagnosis in order to identify the causes of the pathology is a complicated procedure. The diagnosis is made in a comprehensive manner, with the use of several methods. In the first stage the doctor listens attentively to the patient in the presence of the complaints, and it produces its evaluation. The second stage: the palpacin diseased area of the back, orthopedic tests in the detection of the symptoms.

If the doctor is willing to issue a diagnostic, it redirects to a patient to a doctor with more than one neck profile (cardiologist, oncologist, orthopedic).

In function of the factors that produce the thoracic x-ray of the division or of the spine, a magnetic resonance imaging, it is removed, the electrocardiogram, the heart that explores the sonication. If the factors that determine the pain will be nourished of gastrointestinal diseases, the patient afford to spend fibrogastroduodenoscopy. If the cause of served the pathology of the organs of breathing, physicians are bronchoscopy. In addition, the patient is dealt a series of tests: urine, feces, blood, etc

The treatment of the

the treatment of the back

If the patient pursues the severe pain, which can not be tolerated, the personal physician directs its main efforts on the outrage of the symptoms of pain. The patient is prescribed medications that remove the inflammation and remove the pain in the form of injections, ointments, pills.

The main task of a doctor to cure the cause, who caused the illness, and not the result. The treatment is assigned a specialist after all the studies and analysis. Remember: pain that had the nature of long-term, regardless of the location and nature is not going to disappear, it is necessarily necessary to try, until not deteriorated inflammation.

If the fundamental cause of are diseases of the locomotor apparatus, for the treatment apply massage course or manipulative therapy, with the electrophoresis. In exceptional cases, patients are shown a surgical intervention with the course of anti-inflammatory medications or antibiotics.

If the back is a pain of myositis or problems of low energy back, enough to do gymnastics at home, heat up the corset muscle ointments, crushing dyes. The rest of the problems and pathologies that are treated only by a physician, which includes treatment in accordance with the origin of the disease. Don't forget medical advice in any type of back pain, because, as can be the result of chronic or acute disease that must be treated immediately.