The back pain in the area of the vanes: causes, treatment

Persistent pain in the back between the shoulder blades accompanies destructive changes of the tissues of the spine. This can be the osteochondrosis of breastfeeding and the division, the curvature of the spine, the propeller and the herniated disc, the fatigue of the muscles. Not a few times the back pain below the blades are a symptom of intercostal neuralgia, sports injuries such as stretching of the ligaments of the back muscles.

But it is worth to be careful at the time of differential diagnosis of the underlying disease. Sometimes stabbing, suddenly came the pain may indicate an angina attack. This has the development of a myocardial infarction, which is a threat to the life of the state. Therefore, if you have a back pain on the left under the blade, try taking the tablet under the tongue nitroglycerin. If the pain disappears within 5 minutes, then you should immediately consult a cardiologist for the exclusion of severe angina and coronary heart disease.

pain below the shoulder blades

Then we explained to him about the major diseases which can cause back discomfort in the area of the vanes. It also provides guidance on the treatment of possible pathologies in the cartilage and the bone, the muscle and the tendon.

If there is a pain in the back between the shoulder blades

In case the back pain between the shoulder blades will for the first time and you're not sure of the exact cause of this condition, you should consult a doctor. The doctor must prescribe electrocardiography, by excluding ischemia of the heart muscle and angina attack. Then, to clarify the etiology of the pain syndrome can be assigned x-ray images from the department of spine and orthopedic consultation, the therapist, the neurologist.

May establish a diagnosis of breastfeeding and of the osteochondrosis. In this case, will help you complex special exercise, acupuncture, osteopathy, and therapeutic massage. Remember that the traditional medicine today, you don't have in their arsenal of effective methods of treatment of degenerative disc disease and their illnesses.

Back pain below the blades

There are still a number of reasons why the back pain between the shoulder blades. Sometimes unpleasant sensations that translate not only in the center, but mixing in the vertical plane and horizontal. In particular, we will examine the question of why they arise pains in the back below the wings. More often it is the already well-known for his osteochondrosis. But, sometimes, there are more extraordinary cases. Among them worth noting the curvature of the spine, which can manifest in the form of scoliosis, thoracic spine, or in some other way when bending over.

Any form of violation of posture that must pass through the diagnosis in the early stages. Especially for school-age children. Thanks to the constant pressures to them much more often forms to the curvature of the spine. Manifest is a state can be systematic, arising after the exercise, pains in the back, below or between the shoulder blades.

Treatment of scoliosis and other forms of violation of the position consists in the art of osteopathy and other effects in order to establish the correct position of the vertebrae. Then, using the methodology of the physical education in combination with therapeutic massage. These activities have as their goal the correct muscle development of the skeleton that supports the spinal column in the physiological position. In complex cases, shows the use of orthotics for the corss.

Why it hurts the back on the left under the shovel?

As mentioned above, if you have a back pain on the left under the scoop, now you have to exclude the possibility of the development of an attack of angina and diagnose ischemic heart disease. Usually, this pathology is accompanied by other severe symptoms. This fatigue, weakness, shortness of breath while doing any physical work, a small swelling in the face and in the ankles.

the causes of pain in the shoulders

Another reason why it hurts the back on the left under the blade, lies in the development of herniated intervertebral disc. This is quite common localization of propellant and prolapse of the fibrous rings of the representatives of some professions. Mainly in the risk group are the people who by their occupation required a lot of time to carry out in an unnatural position, for example, sitting in front of a computer or controlling more road transport. Also the hernia clinic of the spinal column are exposed, the workers of the physical in the work place, which is actively involved in top of the shoulders.

For the treatment of this disease, you can use the special applying traction, therapeutic massage, reflexology, healing of physical education, handbook, effects and much more. Medicamentous methods of treatment of a herniated disc in the day of today does not exist. The surgery gives positive results only in 40% of cases. The rest of the patients are observed with repeated relapses after 12 - 24 months after the operation.

Why hurt the muscles of the back, below the shoulders?

More often the pain of the muscles of the back between the shoulder blades on the people who practice strength sports. This may be stretching tendon apparatus, bruises or overvoltage during the training process. Those patients who do not do regular physical exercise, the back muscles gradually lose the ability of the contractility. Increases the risk of injury, even with little physical load, for example, when lifting weights.

If the pain of the muscles of the back between the shoulder blades, that is to discard the false pains in the heart. Subsequently, the differential diagnosis, the physician must identify the cause that causes discomfort in the patient. Subsequently the treatment consists in the influence of the cause of the condition. To quickly repair the severe pain may recommend a single dose of anti-inflammatory medication without steroids.

They also offer help with intercostal neuralgia, which can manifest in the form of pain in the back below the wings. In this case, the palpacin intercostal spaces sharply painful. The patient may experience the gain of pain when you try to sudden deep inspiration. In this case, we recommend the therapeutic massage, reflexology, a technique of exposure of the bones and some other types of manual exposure. Normally, the condition of the patients greatly improved after the first session.

Back pain between the shoulder blades: the treatment of the

If you suffer from back pains between the shoulder blades, the treatment is appropriate to begin only after clarifying the diagnosis. This is a series of special investigations. Of the standards of modern medicine is assigned to the ecg, ultrasound of heart, fluorography, x-ray of the spine and of the chest, computed tomography scan in case of disputes.

There are traditional methods of treatment of diseases of the spine. Its main objective is the elimination of the negative symptoms, given that the influence of the cause of back pain in these cases, traditional medicine is not available. There are No drugs, that allow them to quickly and effectively restore the cartilage, shaving the fabric of the intervertebral discs of the spine.

the treatment of the back

To do in this case to patients? Pay attention to other methods of treatment of the back pain between the shoulder blades. They allow a fast and effective way to cure not only the osteochondrosis, but also recover physiological position, in order to achieve the regression intervertebral hernia. It is the therapy of manipulation, the main activities aimed at the reconstruction of the tissues physiological ways. Physical culture and massage treatment strengthen muscular frame that supports the spine. At the expense of the nervous tissue is applied to apply traction to the spine. With the help of reflexology and osteopathy initiate regenerative processes to ensure quick recovery and restoration from the loss of maintenance.