Pain to the left from the side of the back - that cure back pain.

You live, everyday activities, making plans, but all in an instant, it collapses and is changed, to cause acute pains in the left side with the side of the back.

Do nothing, do not want to, hands down, and the only thing I wish, which was to mature in this time, the man – find a way to get rid of the suffering.

the back pain

Unfortunately, the pain of this nature is quite common, and its causes are not always related back problems, this may be a sign of disease of internal organs.

It is a mistake to assume that the problem is on the surface and to self-medicate, based on assumptions. After all, if it hurts the left side of the back, this does not mean that the man exceeds the radiculitis or osteochondrosis.

If the discomfort continues, the long-time solution is to go to a therapist, who will examine the nature of the symptoms and send you to a specialist.

What authorities are to the left and as evidenced by the pain?

To the disease and the exacerbations of the internal organs, the symptoms not limited to pain in the place of its location. The disease is often accompanied by:

  • temperature;
  • the constipation/diarrhea;
  • chills;
  • the pain in the lower part of the abdomen;
  • the interruptions in the menstrual cycle.

The left-hand side are: the kidney, the stomach, the spleen, the pancreas, the intestine, the female – ovary.

Women with pain in the left side of the back at the bottom go to a gynecologist, men to a urologist. In the diagnosis of the activities within the ultrasound, the delivery of common assessments, less ecg. If the pathology of the internal organs is not detected, I examined the spine.

Below the ribs

To understand why it hurts to the left side of the back just below the ribs, you can then see by the frequency of their occurrence, and accompany with the symptoms.

When broken, the spleen, instantly bruising under the eyes. About the diseases of the stomach can speak, when a person is sick, mainly after the ingestion of foods rich in fats, and there is no violation of the chair.

In women who have pain in the left side of the back during the inflammatory processes of the organs of the urinary system, in rare cases, the cause mediates the ectopic pregnancy.

When you feel the discomfort of the back below the ribs, these symptoms may indicate kidney disease or spinal osteochondrosis.

Below the waist

By how much and it was said that, when it hurts the left side of the back in the lower part of the back is necessary to consult a doctor, the greater part of the population ignores these recommendations.

But there are situations, when the medical examination for any reason is not possible, and it is excruciating pain on the left side and in the back, and the man uses all kinds of ways to alleviate the torment.

There are many ways of doing it, but not all of them are really effective, and many can cause even more damage. We will bring you universal recommendation, not sanarn the disease, but help to soothe the discomfort.

  • but-shpa are taking every day, 2 tablets;
  • nitroglycerin under the tongue a tablet or a sugar-3 drops.
the causes of pain

Even, if at some point it seems that it does not hurt the back behind the left, there is no reason to postpone the visit to the doctor. The symptoms can be very dangerous, and require immediate operation.

And only after you have established an accurate diagnosis and why it hurts to the elbow, you can combine the medication with the treatment modalities. My patients benefit from a means tested to. thanks to that you can get rid of the aches and pains of 2 weeks with no effort.

Massage to relieve congestion

I hurt the left side of the back due to muscle spasms, irritation of the nerve fibers or the defeat of an internal organ. But more often, the discomfort is due to problems of the spinal column or locomotor system.

Relaxing orderly massages to distract the attention of the sick and in time will help you forget the disease.

  • The sick person must request to lie down on the belly, placing it below the soft head pad;
  • The massage starts with the waist in the direction of the neck along the spine, in addition to, by the parties;
  • The massage begins with soft, gentle movements, after a warming up of the muscles can add intensity.

Even when it hurts the side, and to the side there is a man who would have done the massage, you should try to help himself. When a dull pain in the left side of the back after exercise or injury before the visit to the doctor needs to take medications for the pain.

The elimination of joint and muscle pain

Often, after an excessive load on the locomotor system, is pain in the left side of the back, as in the right.

If it is banal, and the exhaustion of leave the training not worthwhile, you have to reduce your intensity. To get rid of such discomfort to help you light exercises:

  • circular of the rotation of the shoulders 10 times;
  • reduction of the hands in the castle behind your back alternately;
  • news-the breeding of the vanes.

When you are suffering from back pain left side in the lower part of the back, try, without sudden movements, slowly stand on four legs, with care to descend to the ground.

If the pain does not improve you need to be in that position, to stay and stretch the arms forward, at the same time, the buttocks are pulled to the back. Later, slowly occupies the initial position. Round the back, without the effort and doubles. Repeat the exercise several times.

Prevention after diagnosis

If, after a diagnostic study, related to the violation of work of the locomotor system, and you know with certainty why it hurts to the left side of the back, it is important to follow all recommendations of your doctor, in order to guard against exacerbations.

Doctors prescribe a special diet, rich in calcium, as well as with the age of this important construction of mineral in the body is lower, you must fill out.

You need to dedicate time for himself to walk once in six months, in the courses of physiotherapy and massage. Relieve tension of the muscles helps the applicator of kuznetsov.

Therapeutic exercise takes a few minutes a day, which not only helps to keep in good shape himself, but it also slows down the process of degenerate changes in the tissues of the joints.

The pain in the left hypochondrium with the part of the back

If the person start of the pestering pain in the left hypochondrium with the part of the back, this can be of a huge variety of reasons. Of course, the data of the sensations may be a single manifestation, but, however, it is worth visiting the doctor.

The causes of the painful manifestations

the treatment of the back

Costal margin is considered to be a small square, just around the palm of the hand of man. The pain is located, as if beneath the ribs. Here are placed these organs – the spleen, the ureter, the kidney, the small intestine, the stomach and the diaphragm. The pathology is related to any of these organs is reflected easily under the ribs on the left, and here also are found the echo problem on the part of the thoracic and lumbar spine.

  1. A malfunction of the diaphragm. Opening complies with the function of the office of the peritoneal cavity of the thorax. The entry of food into the stomach, she is the one who does not let the food return to the esophagus. But when a hernia of the diaphragm, it causes its weakening and the food particles are released into the esophagus. It produces a sensation of burning in the solar plexus and the stomach acidity. The pain is in the pain the nature, and that pursued by the sick constantly.
  2. Gastritis. This is a disease that destroys the lining of the stomach or of the intestine. Manifests pain the pain, acid reflux, nausea, sick pursues belching. Intensify attacks of pain after an inadequate food. Right, in this case, it is considered fatty, salty, toasted, sharp. The more it aggravates the disease, the more difficult it will become in its manifestations. Until the loss of sensation in the limbs.
  3. The stomach ulcer. Is similar to that of the gastritis, but it is difficult. When the perforation stomach, you receive the cut of pain, as if the prick of the dagger. If you do not go to a hospital, can develop internal bleeding.
  4. Pathologies related to the spleen. It is very important organ. Despite its small dimensions, the spleen is responsible for three vital functions – filter, the immune system and phagocytic. In case of infections of the body considerably grows in size (as if swollen), trying to compensate for the loss of the body. And begins to perform assigned responsibilities with the triple speed. This causes the onset of pain. But the relief of pain in the hypochondrium behind only in the case of an injury of the spleen with rupture. In addition to unbearable of painful sensations, there will be cyanosis of the skin around the navel.
  5. The destructive processes in the spine. The most common cause is osteochondrosis. It destroys the intervertebral disc, which causes inflammation nerve roots.
  6. The subcool is the most banal cause of pain in the back. When exposed to cold becomes inflamed the nerve, develops the spasm of muscles and vessels. The result is a constant pain. Help heats up ointment and massage.

The characteristic of the pain

Exactly how it manifests itself on the sore, you can judge about the process and about the urgency of carrying out operational activities.

  1. The sharp pain surprised suddenly, as if a deep gash. If she does not have a relationship with a load, and it appeared for no apparent reason, there is an urgent need to go to the professionals.
  2. Stabbing pain after physical activity should not be cause for panic, since that is the companion to almost every healthy person. Related to the lack of training and training. The circulation of the blood increases too quickly and the body can not make it on time to this adaptation. Also may be due to the lack of breathing. Frequent shallow breathing-too-easy opening and this causes pain in the upper quadrant in the back.
  3. Pain is a manifestation of the duodenitis, if you added nausea, then this may be an ulcer, gastritis. The risk of this kind of sensations, which can be a precursor to a heart attack. Therefore, you must refer to him with suspicion.
  4. A dull pain. appears periodically, you can testify about the chronic diseases of gastrointestinal. This type of pain deserves attention, as it can develop the perforation of the walls of the organs that is the long and difficult.
  5. The pain that shoots up is clearly connected with the nerve damage and may be the result of intercostal neuralgia, or degenerative processes in the spine.

How is the pain from that location?

the prevention of the

The abdominal ultrasound

The treatment of pain is based on the reason, since the pain is only the manifestation of the disease, and not the process itself. Erase the pain is not enough. If the patient decides for himself to be assigned to itself pain killers, it will only remove the bad smell of the symptom. And the disease, the time, will progress and destroy the body.

To determine the cause, the doctor may be assigned:

  • Ct scan;
  • Magnetic resonance imaging;
  • The ultrasound of the organs in the abdominal cavity;
  • Analysis of blood and urine.

The choice of the method of diagnosis will depend on the nature of the pain, of the impulse to manifestation, the function of the breath, the length, etc., do Not tighten to go to the doctor. Remember that the sooner you start treatment, the sooner you can forget the discomfort, the return to normal life.

Pain in left side at waist level

More often, the pain in his left side of the abdomen produces the defeat of the organs of the digestive system, located in the left part of the abdominal cavity, such as: the stomach; the tail of the pancreas; the left departments of the colon.

In addition, the pain in his left side of the abdomen and in the left hypochondrium can testify about this serious defeat on the cardiovascular system, such as a myocardial infarction.

The pain in his left side of the abdomen, also frequently occurs in this common disease as osteochondrosis. You may suspect this degenerative the defeat of the spine can be in the presence of other characteristic features of osteochondrosis (such as clinical and radiological).

In women, the pain in the lower part of the abdomen, the left is often related to the pathology of appendages of the uterus (chronic adneksit, benign or malignant, ectopic pregnancy, hemorrhage into the ovary, and others). Gynecological diseases may be suspected in those cases in which there is other evidence of infringement of the activities of the reproductive system, such as disorders of the menstrual cycle, disease of the vagina, etc

Also incomprehensible, dull pain in the left side (at the waist), at the level of umbilicus can testify as to the duodenal ulcer or the appearance of the umbilical hernia.

That is located on the left side?

If you get a pain in your left side, at the same time to determine the cause of these pains is a task quite complicated. Before I describe, why is there a pain on the left side of the lower part of the abdomen, they should notify the reader that in this place is the small intestine, and women in the sexual organs.

On the left side anatomically found:

  • loop of small intestine;
  • the stomach;
  • the large intestine;
  • the spleen;
  • the kidney disease;
  • heart;
  • opening;
  • easy.

The pain in his left side

Once again, we will look at the core symptoms and clinical to the development of the problems and their causes). Let's start with the fact that this is a symptom of many diseases, and to simplify the perception you want to split the department in two segments:

  1. To the lower edge of the rib cage.
  2. From the lower edge of the ribcage up to lobka.

Pain on the left side at the level of the first segment may occur for the following reasons:

  • the problems of the heart,
  • inflammation of the pleura,
  • stomach problems,
  • damage to the spleen,
  • the injury or the hernia of diaphragm,
  • neurological examination of the nature,
  • trauma of the chest.

The data of the disease lead to the appearance of pain in the left hypochondrium.

If the same unpleasant sensation in the side, i.e. at the level of the second segment – this can occur due to the following reasons:

  • the kidney disease and ureter;
  • neurological examination of the nature;
  • the injury;
  • the inflammatory disease thin and thick intestines (including infectious nature);
  • diseases of the sexual organs of the woman.