Back pain in right side of back: causes, symptoms and treatment of diseases

Almost all the adults of the registered person with back pain. Can have in different places, including the one on the right in the lower part of the back. Sometimes, the pain syndrome occurs in healthy people, but in most cases, it is a sign of some pathological process in the body.

hurts the back, on the right side of the user

Immediately establish a diagnosis when the back pain is almost impossible, as they call it to their various causes. Can be diseases of the spine, the urinary system, the organs of respiration. Therefore, in order to assign the appropriate treatment, it is necessary to undergo an examination and determine the cause of the pain.

The likely causes of pain syndrome

Of the disease, triggers of pain in the right side of the back, may be of a different nature, the nature is also different.

Diseases of the spine

The pathology of the vertebral column cause pain:

  • The osteochondrosis of the lumbar part of the degenerative processes in the intervertebral discs, due to that occurs the oppression of the nerve endings. The amplification of pain occurs when inspiring deeply, coughing or sneezing. At the time of exacerbation of the disease develops as an acute pain, which make any gesture in the lower part of the back difficult.
  • Injuries of the spinal column – are a result of poorly performed exercises, falls, bruises, an excess of exercise. The pain is displacement of the vertebrae, injuries of the soft tissues.
  • Spondylosis lumbar is the constant pain, when you lie down "up" on the left side, it passes. A static load, on the contrary, reinforce the feeling of pain.
  • Spondiloarthrosis back – is characterized by degenerate — dystrophic changes in the joints, which produces thinning of the tissues of the cartilage, the bone spurs.
  • Osteomyelitis – purulent processes, the focus that is located in the lumbar region.
  • The tumor processes in the spine.

Many of pathology of the vertebral column are similar in the box clinical, that it is often difficult to diagnose. The symptomatology depends on the location of the injury.

The internal factors

If the pain occurs in the departments at the bottom of the waist to the right, this can be a symptom of an inflammatory process in the organs of the reproductive system:

  • the endometriosis;
  • adneksit;
  • the fibroid and others.

Pain syndrome to the right in the upper part of the back occurs in the diseases of the organs of the gastrointestinal tract, the kidneys, the gallbladder, the liver:

  • the pyelonephritis;
  • cholecystitis;
  • urolithiasis, nephrolithiasis;
  • ulcer of stomach;
  • the appendicitis.

The nature of the painful sensations

For an accurate diagnosis doctor it is very important to understand what type of pain the patient experiences.

The pain from the right in the lower part of the back is different:

  • The pain, pulling pain is a symptom of the neglect of the chronic inflammation. You can indicate in osteomyelitis, spondiloarthrosis, a consequence of the degeneration of the consequences in the spine.
  • Acute, acute pain occurs after an injury, as a result of the lumbar low back pain when the pathology of the spine, intercostal neuralgia. Short the pain-more frequent at the sudden movement, or after the incorrect distribution of the workload during the practice of sport.
  • The pain is the signal of the progression of the inflammatory process.
the causes of pain

If the back pain going into the buttock or lower extremity, have the place of crushing or the inflammation of the lumbar nerve root division. If surprise top of the vertebrae of the lumbar area, in the position of lying on the belly, the pain also appears in the groin area.

If the pain is combined with strong increases in blood pressure, the violation of consciousness, dizziness, should immediately carry the person to the hospital.

These symptoms may indicate:

  • the exacerbation of the pancreatitis, or acute cholecystitis;
  • the movement of the stone of the kidneys;
  • thrombosis of the renal artery.

On the presence of diseases in which pain occurs in the right side of the user with the back in the lower part of the back, that may indicate other specific symptoms. When kidney diseases can be elevation of the temperature, changes the character of the urine. The urine becomes turbid, with impurities of the blood. Renal colic, caused by the motion of matter, can produce various types of pain in the hip or groin.

When the tumor of the entities is altered appetite, appears fatigue, the patient loses considerably in weight.

In case of violation of work gastrointestinal tract, problems with the liver and the pancreas are observed:

  • the violation of the chair;
  • flatulence;
  • the pain in the stomach;
  • nausea, vomiting.

The diagnosis

To find out the source of painful sensations and to determine its cause, you must pass a series of tests of laboratory and research instruments:

  • analysis of blood and urine;
  • Ultrasound;
  • Magnetic resonance imaging, a computed tomography of the spine;
  • myelography and other.

Note! So as not to provoke a worsening of the state, the sick person needs before reaching a diagnosis and begin treatment. The scheme of the therapy directly depends on the causal of the pathology that caused pain right in the lower part of the back.

General rules and methods of treatment

To improve the state of the patient, relieve the pain in the first time are assigned to the anaesthetics and anti-inflammatory medications. They only offer a temporary relief and refer them to the symptomatic of the media doesn't have therapeutic action in the focus of the pain.

In diseases of the locomotor apparatus after the outrage of pain you need to undergo additional procedures, which allow them to strengthen the spine, improve their functionality:

  • acupressure massage, therapy and other);
  • Physical therapy;
  • the chiropractic;
  • reflexology.

When the pathology of the internal organs is necessary to treat primary disease, preliminary having passed the inspection of the profile of the specialist. You can consult a gastroenterologist blinded rheumatologist, gynecologist, nephrologist. The scheme of treatment of the specific disease will be individual for each patient.

Preventive recommendations

To protect yourself from lumbar pain, you can, if you avoid the impact of favorable factors. Since they are the cause of the pain become problems with the spine, of a maximum of to maintain the good health.

Useful tips:

  • avoid excessive physical activity;
  • not lifting weights;
  • not SuperCool;
  • do not make sudden moves;
  • for long stays in the same position of the body must make periodic pause for the heating;
  • move more (especially useful to a lot of walking, swimming, doing yoga);
  • a balanced, eating.
the diagnosis

Cut the pain in the lower back is possible only after the elimination of their underlying causes. The sooner you consult a specialist, the less will be the time required for recovery, and less risk of unpleasant consequences. Therefore, even a small pain can not be left without attention.