The resort to destructive measures to combat the pain in the back!

Thousands of years ago, when the monkey dropped from the trees, the man has become the spinal column, for the first time, to experience a vertical of the load. This led to what seemed to be pre-conditions to your disease. In a century of high technology, forced out of the work situation and in general, the sedentary life increasingly the question arises: what to do if you suffer from back pain? The answers to this question is heard a lot, but only of the correct structure of treatment and prevention measures will allow for a long time to forget the back pain.

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Like any disease, pain in the back requires the right approach to determine the cause of his death. As a general rule, the data of the pains associated with the pathology of the spine. That is why it is necessary the consultation of the neurologist, as well as the performance of the x-ray of the research, the best of them, will be the mdct or magnetic resonance imaging. The study will determine the level of the defeat of the spine, and also identifies the presence of indications for surgical treatment.

The medical therapy for the treatment of pain

What to do when the back pain? The faster, the effect will be obtained from the therapy with medications. The standard treatment includes:

  • Medications muscle relaxants
  • Anti-inflammatory painkillers
  • Vitaminoterapiyu
  • Chondroprotectors

Drugs to remove a muscle spasm that you want to use in the first few hours with acuity the incidence of pain. The lifting of muscle tension quickly eliminate the appearance of compression of spinal roots, relieving cramps of the muscles. This leads to the expressed reduction in pain. It is also the removal of a muscle spasm is crucial to the treatment of the pathology of the spine.

Anti-inflammatory drugs can relieve the pain and inflammation, if it is very painful back. Can be used in injections and tablets, as well as for external use in the form of ointment or gel. Treatment with vitamins. Strengthens and protects the nerve fibers from the harmful effects.

The b vitamins have the ability to enhance the realization of the nerve impulse, which helps to eliminate many of the negative phenomena, in addition to the pain.

Chondroprotectors – the medicines are included in the composition of the chondroitins and glucosamine — a substance is in the healthy cartilage, intervertebral joints and discs. When inflammatory the process is note his fault.

Important! All the medications should be taken only under medical prescription. Otherwise, you can expect the development of complications, the excess of the required dose and at other times unpleasant.
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Non-drug based ways of dealing with the disease

Unfortunately, the pharmacotherapy of pain is not always available. If you have allergies, intolerance, serious related illnesses, pregnancy, the use of many drugs, you can not. And it is precisely the pregnancy or disease, often cause the development of pain. What is there to do, if it is very painful to the back, and medications contraindicated? Here we help non-drug based forms:

  1. The massage. Massage is one of the safest in the treatment procedures. The only complete contraindication is oncologic pathology in the patient. Massage will remove the spasm, a reflex to reduce the pain and improve the blood flow to all tissues. This will impact positively on the general well-being.
  2. Fiziolechenie it is also a safe method of treatment. Effects of electric currents, magnetic fields, subcutaneous analgesics allows you to achieve excellent results. The spasm of the muscles, decreases back pain go through very little time, weak muscles are strengthened, and the nutrition of the tissues and significantly improve.
    However, before the performance of procedures, you should consult your therapist to identify the most appropriate method of treatment, as well as to identify potential contraindications (allergic reactions, oncopathology, the pathology of the thyroid gland and the like).
  3. Chiropractic and iglorefleksoterapija. These methods are close to of exposure to massage, but they operate on a more subtle level of the interaction of the reflexes.

Easy to the pain, the irritation, the displacement or stretching of the muscles reflex initiates a series of reactions. The result is the reduction or relief of pain, recovery of sensitivity. It is also a way to support the body in good shape, if you constantly suffer from lower back pain. However, to entrust the realization of this type of procedure, it is possible that only a professional. In addition to the previous techniques of the healing influence there are other totally safe and high-throughput method of control and prevention– therapeutic exercise.

Physical exercise to combat the pain, and the prevention of

Already the ancient greeks said – in the movement of life. Occupation of the physical culture medical, in any case, does not exclude the implementation of other restoration activities. However, the exercises for the back pain can be the tool of first aid, until you don't have access to other options. This is related to the increase in the flow of blood to the inflamed areas, which contributes to faster elimination of toxic substances in the focus of the inflammation that causes the pain. Below are examples of exercises:

  • The year of the cat. In a standing position to four, prognut the arch of the back, max down, after that, keep this posture for a few seconds. Repeat 3-4 times. This burden for the back pain is especially effective for the chest and the waist.
  • Standing can bind the hands behind the back, catching a hand to the wrist of the other hand, after you press them in the back in the lumbar area. Exercise relaxes tense muscles of the back — especially breast-feeding, and of the division and transfers the load on the muscles of the hands.
  • Sitting in a chair, tilt head, maximum down, slowly and with much care. Try to touch the chin to the chest. If the touched or the pain does not allow you to do this, slowly pull the head to the initial position and a bit behind. Repeat this several times. The effective exercise that relieves the load of the muscles of the neck.
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Every day, do these exercises, so you don't have pain and loin. Meet with them, we need not fear to the extent of the sensations are painful. This is the only evidence that tense is relaxed and inflamed. If you have loosen your back muscles (especially the people who lead the sedentary life style), kinesiotherapy to strengthen the corset of muscle and reduce the load on the spine.

Ideal occupation, including the work of nearly all the muscles of the body, is swimming. Also in the recovery of the structure, you can enable the contrast shower and pour a mirror affect to the entire body.

It is important to know, that the load for the back pain will be effective only in the case of regular and correct execution. The exercise is best to learn how to do under the supervision of a medical specialist of the physical culture medical. In addition you can perform yourself at home. Remember — the health of your back depends on You.