Why hurt your back when you're a long time

Back pain is known practically by every person. It is difficult to find someone who once was not with this is very unpleasant symptoms. Sometimes it is enough to sit in an uncomfortable posture for a little time to appear discomfort in the lumbar region of the spine. But this is not a serious problem, and is simply the result of a prolonged stay in an uncomfortable position. And here is the equivalent of a pain in the lower back that almost always has a specific reason and is the reason you go to the doctor. Not always, the diagnosis is expected, since the osteochondrosis is only one of the potential problems, pain in the lower back.

What to do if you suffer from back pain

Why it hurts the spine and what to do in that situation – it is not difficult to guess. The physician will put the diagnosis and reveal the cause of the onset of pain, after which you should proceed to the treatment.

Pain syndrome – primary and secondary

By understanding what hurts the waist, do not forget that the causes of pain scores and a lover will never be able to determine the true source of the problems.

In general medical classification is divided to primary and secondary pain syndromes that may affect the lumbar area.

The primary syndrome of the low back pain occurs as a result of musculo-skeletal changes. He is the cause of the vast majority of cases the onset of back pain in the lumbar area. The most significant of the reasons – specific changes that occur in the different sections of the spine:

  • the osteochondrosis, which represents the defeat of the bones and connective tissues, is a disease that has to die in nature. When she is amazed by the disc in between the vertebrae and the vertebrae, he begins to develop a chronic disease of the spine.
  • inflammatory disease is form of osteoarthritis, the disease affects the joints between the vertebrae, which are responsible for the mobility of the spine, or articulationes synoviales.

The secondary is the pain syndrome has much more than a variety of causes of the appearance of pain:

  • scoliosis, which represents the curvature of the spine, as well as some other diseases of growth;
  • inflammation, are non-infectious. For example, rheumatoid arthritis is a rheumatic disease, etc;
  • the tumor, located in the vertebrae, in the spinal cord or in the spatium retroperitoneale, regardless of whether it is primary or caused by, metastasis;
  • the fracture of one or more of the dorsal vertebrae. This is perhaps one of the most serious causes of the occurrence of pain in the lower back;
  • different infectious diseases, which lead to the defeat of the vertebrae and the discs between them (tuberculosis, brucellosis, etc);
  • the disease of the heart in which occurs a serious violation of the vascularization of the spinal cord. In this case, you can also see the sense of that hurts the spine;
  • disease of the intestinal tract. For example, acute appendicitis with atpico incidence of bowel obstruction;
  • often, the pain in the lower back are the return of the nature. This problem can occur when some diseases of organs located in the pelvic area. For example, renal colic, sexually transmitted diseases (gonorrhea, trichomoniasis, chlamydia, ureaplasmosis, adneksit– all these diseases are caused by reection of the pains in the lower part of the back).

What is acute and chronic pain

May be problem is not in the lower part of the back

Pain in the lower part of the back is also divided into acute and chronic, which can be caused by a variety of problems and diseases, including nerve endings and the spine. Often observed and displaced pain – the diffusion of painful sensations from other organs that are much more profound. In other words, the man seems to that it hurts the waist, although in reality, the problem is in another part of the body. But more often in the waist area and projected the pain of the pelvic organs, the pancreas, the kidneys, the colon, or tumors that are placed behind the coated by the peritoneum.

Normally, the people do not know what to do, if it hurts the spine. But be very clear about what they are going to do not worth it is the self-medication . The causes of pain varied, for the diagnosis can only be a specialist, and that the continuous use of analgesics (which many consider to be the treatment) can be even more detrimental.

Causes of the onset of acute pain

Before determining what to do when a strong pain in the waist, of any serious, the doctor will first install the cause you see the pain. The causes may be different, but most of them are in any way related to the spine.

One of the most simple and some of the causes of sharp pain that happens, the stretching of the muscles. In this case, a source of pain, are the long muscles on the attack. When this problem, the pain is rarely "gives" in other parts of the body, but it was enough limiting the mobility of the person. This reason is very common, often with her face to the athletes and people whose work is related to the different physics puzzles.

An injury to the spine can cause pain in the lower back.

Another common, but more serious than the consequences of the source of the pain is the fracture of the spine, especially if it is compressed fractures of the vertebrae. Often this happens when there is falls and other injuries of the back. But if the person is sick of a disease of the endocrine system, osteoporosis, paget's disease, or there is a vertebral tumour of the sphere, the fracture can occur and it is imperceptible to the patient, as it is said, "in the plain". And although the people do not understand, when this fracture has occurred.

Not less unpleasant situation, when there is a sharp pain in the lower back is a displacement of the discs between the vertebrae of the lumbar region of the spine. The symptoms of this problem are strong, sharp pains in the back, which severely limits the mobility. Often the pain is caused by compression of the nerve root. The signs of this compression are:

  • disorders of the sensitivity;
  • the disappearance or significant decline of a hill of reflection;
  • the absence or decrease of the intensity of the knee reflex;
  • unilateral radicular pain.

One of the trends of this problem is that this change may cause the disease is found below the vertebrae. The result is a pain below the lumbar spine, can disrupt the function of the rectum and of the bladder. The location of the pain above the waist is also possible in some cases.

The sharp pain in the back can appear as a result of osteoarthritis of the joints between the vertebrae. In this case, the cause of the pain serves the compression ratio of the loin to the output of the spinal canal, and the same disk between the vertebrae is left intact. This syndrome usually occurs by the increase of the upper and lower facets between the vertebrae of the joint, which is narrower between the vertebrae of the opening.

Focal the defeat of the space of the spinal column is one of the serious diseases, which cause severe pain in the lower back. This condition requires urgent diagnosis and immediate treatment, and recommend any measures of high efficiency, until the surgical intervention, the main thing is to quickly remove pressure from the spinal cord.

The disease of the hip, and frequently become the cause of acute pains in the lower part of the back. For they are characterized by pain radiating in the lower part of the back, in the legs at knee level.

The causes of chronic pain in the lower back Деформирующий спондилез

One of the causes of the emergence of chronic pain is unfaithful to the spine. In this disease there occurs a change in the vertebrae lumbar of the division. Finally close the canal of the vertebral column, and bones of the stems begin to exert pressure on the nerve roots. Plaintive laments, the pain may be accompanied by the sensation of numbness and weakness in the legs and other neurological symptoms. In any case, you will have to complete a survey, whose results will have a definitive diagnosis.

The disease behtereva - chronicle of a systemic disease of the joints, it can also be the cause of chronic pain. It is manifested, and the pains in the lower part of the back, appears and develops rapidly curvature of the spine in the division. The first symptoms are limitation of mobility and the reduction of the movements of the ribcage during breathing.

Often cause pain in the low back, cancer and metabolic disorders. But and benign tumors can cause chronic pain, which is not accompanied by any neurological examination of the sintomatologa.

Osteomyelitis may also be the cause of that pain the pain of back pain can be very long.

The area of distribution of pain – the dependence of the disease

The defeat of the pelvic organs usually appear pain in the lower back. It can be the cause of endometriosis, for example. In men, these pains can appear when the chronic prostatitis.

The different diseases of the kidneys cause the pain of the blows to the spine and the ribs.

Problems of the gastrointestinal tract (tumor in the duodenum or stomach, of the pancreas, disease of a hollow organ) may cause pain in the area of the segments T10-L2.

Departments lower back pain also when the chronic disease of the mucosa of the colon, tumors of the colon and gut disease.

The pain in the lumbar and dorsal spine departments may also occur due to the stratification of the aorta.


As you can see, the back pain may appear as a result of many diseases. When this very often the person is not expected that the problem would not be there, "where it hurts". So even if you have a pain waist is not constant, and in the time – do not pull, see your doctor . With a disease easier to handle at an early stage, and not when you are in a state of neglect and throw away a great mass of complication.