Pain in the neck and back: diagnosis, symptoms, treatment

The back and neck pain at least once in the life of many people.

Depending on the causes of the discomfort, the person may need the help of a neurologist, the therapist, orthopedist , or other professional.

the pain in the back and the neck

Let's see in detail to what doctor to go to, when it hurts the back and neck, what can I do to relieve the congestion.


It is the inflammation of the muscles – the back, the neck, the back. Myositis can be a complication of some type of viral infection, like the flu.

Often, the myositis occurs after hypothermia, the long-term presence in the wind with support in the back and neck. Appears a severe pain at rest, and also with the slightest movement.

Inflammation of the muscles, the touch of hot, dense, very painful.

With this man hard to follow, but, nevertheless, he must try to get to a doctor – therapist or nevrologu.

After the exam, the doctor may order a study – analysis, and x-rays to rule out other causes of pain.

If the diagnosis is confirmed, it is myositis against the media, the tranquility and the physiotherapy with quickly enough.

When you myositis not want to use the ointment and compresses – inflammation will be strengthened.

The osteochondrosis

It is very frequent the reason why it occurs neck pain and back pain – common osteochondrosis.

If it is soft cartilage between the bones of the vertebrate become thin and tight, this pinch the nerves, produces a spasm of the muscles of the back.

Get a sharp, pulling pain in the whole back and the neck, if it affects both departments of the spinal column.

It is best to consult nevrologu, but in its absence, can help the therapist or orthopaedic surgeon. Necessarily performed x-ray or ct scan.

In it, the doctor will see the change of the vertebrae, characteristic of degenerative disc disease. The treatment is assigned to several weeks, with the inclusion of tablets, injections and ointments.

When the pain falls down, it is useful to use methods of physical therapy, e.g. acupuncture.

For the prevention of the degenerative disc disease is due to the youth to make a regular load.

Deforming spondiloarthrosis

Is that it hurts the upper part of the back or spine in a particular place. The man can fairly accurately indicate the source of pain.

This local pain often speaks of deforming arthrosis.

This medical condition affects one or more of the joints of the spine, which affects all its parts.

If you are suspected of spondiloarthrosis person should visit a rheumatologist or neurologist.

After performing several surveys – the x-ray, ct scan – the doctor will confirm or refute the diagnosis. It is deforming spondiloarthrosis a long time.

To completely eliminate the changes of the joint cannot be. With the help of anti-inflammatories and painkillers can only be eliminate discomfort.

the prolapse and hernia

Often spondiloarthrosis occurs after an injury to the back.


Is the displacement of the vertebrae to each other.

Spondylolisthesis can occur after an injury or weakness of the ligaments and muscles.

Movement, the vertebrae are pinching the nerves, appears sharp, lasting pain. Lean in all the planes becomes very painful of the muscles of the back are tightened.

Spondylolisthesis is a fairly rare pathology.

With suspicion, you can ask nevrologu, doctors can distinguish this disease of the degenerative disc disease or herniated disc.

Inspection is performed and x-ray study and magnetic resonance imaging. Often, when the spondylolisthesis, surgery is necessary. Then, the man turns to the neurosurgeon.

When the spondylolisthesis is recommended to sleep on firm, stiff bed.

Spinal stenosis

Within the vertebral column passes the spinal cord are the nerves that allow the movement of the whole body.

For many diseases, for example, osteochondrosis, spondylolisthesis, tumor in the canal is narrow. Then the spinal cord being compressed during the bones of vertebrates.

This causes back and neck pain, may cause weakness in the arms or legs.

Spinal stenosis develops very gradually, the symptoms intensify day-to-day.

The diagnosis is performed by a neurologist or neurosurgeon for the results of the inspection and of computed tomography. For the relief of pain using anti-inflammatory pain relievers.

In the case if you are ineffective and stenosis progresses, it carries out the operation.

To keep the spine in the correct position when stenosis of the help to the trusses.

Prolapse or intervertebral hernia

Acute, sudden pain in the back occur when a herniated disk in the spine. It is the protrusion of cartilage, which appears due to the destruction of the wrap is dense in the unit.

The protrusion presses on the nerves, causing tremendous pain. Move the person with hernia difficult and very painful. The limbs may almost lose the mobility of strong compression.

The herniated disc often needs to operation, so you must resort to the neurosurgeon.

After the celebration of the magnetic resonance tomography doctor to define, whether it is worthwhile to carry out the operation or until you can remove, syndrome pain with drugs.

Apply anti-inflammatory and analgesic injections.

For the prevention of hernia is due to strengthen the muscles of the back, moderate loads, and avoid lifting loads.

The lor-disease

Sometimes, the pain of the neck and back are not associated with the spine. This can be a problem on the part of the lor-bodies.

Heavy tonsillitis without treatment is complicated by the special abscess – the great ulcer of the side of the neck. Appears more severe pain in the neck from behind, in the upper part of the back.

The movement of the neck are limited and it is very painful.

Along with the pain in the man the temperature rises, and the skin in the area of the abscess is hot and red. The abscess is revealed by part of the oral cavity of their doctor.

You need long-term therapy with antibiotics. Suspect that the tonsillitis has deteriorated to an abscess may by a general deterioration of the state, despite treatment, the increasing sensitivity.

The large abscess, the man can not open the mouth due to spasm of the muscles near ulcer.


Tumors of the vertebral column is always manifested by pains in the back. These may be metastases from other organs, such as proper education of the spine. The pain in the tumors very strong, plaintive laments, are intensified by the night. Combined with a poor common well being, weight loss.

Diagnosis of the tumor difficult to suspect, because the symptoms are similar to osteochondrosis, which is much more likely. Helps in detection of tumors, magnetic resonance imaging, computed tomography, and blood tests.

Any tumor needs to be removed, because, increasing, squeezing of the spinal cord, therefore, will cause paralysis of the arms or legs.

But the decision on the possibility of the elimination takes the neurosurgeon-oncologist – these specialists deal with tumors of the spine.

When a malignant tumor after the operation is assigned to the chemotherapy.

The injury

Falls, bruises, back injuries are very dangerous complications in the spinal column. Receives a strong, an acute pain at the time of the injury.


Depending on the level and the degree of damage of the spinal cord, they can lose the mobility and the sensitivity of the hands or feet, changes occur in the function of the urinary bladder.

With strong injuries in the cervical region, can appear respiratory problems and even instant death.

In any case of a suspected back injury, the man should go to the hospital. Best of all, if the brigade of first aid.

The movement of the person in this state, the same is very dangerous. You can increase the damage of the spinal cord.

Therefore, the best tactic is the emergency call and ensure the peace of mind of the victim before their arrival.

The damage in the cervical region of the spine often occurs when the water falls in an unknown place, when the fund or foreign bodies under the water are too close.

Rheumatoid arthritis

It is an autoimmune disease. That is to say, the immunity of the body attacks itself. It produces antibodies, which attacks the own tissues of the joints.

Are often small joints of hands and feet. It is rarely the defeat of the spinal column. There is pain in the back, the inability to bend over and reach down.

The movement in the spine are limited.

As a general rule, the man is known, he had rheumatoid arthritis. This incurable disease completely.

But, if you follow the recommendations of the literacy of the rheumatologist, you can get rid of the frequent outbreaks and the progression of the disease.

Is used strong anti-inflammatory drugs, as well as the expensive medications.

The joints in rheumatoid arthritis over time they deform irreversibly.


One of the few causes of pain in the neck and back – dermatomyositis. It is also an autoimmune disease, in which deals with the immunity.

The basis of the defeat of the disease, the muscles and the skin. Own immunity attacks and damages. The muscles become opaque, skin is thick and inelastic.

The pain when this constant on the whole surface of the back. The muscles, the touch of solid, but less painful than simple miosites. Diagnosis and treatment of the dermatomiositisa – task rheumatologist. In the diagnosis helps to the thorough survey, physical examination and blood tests.

The treatment of the lifetime, with the use of strong hormonal anti-inflammatory agents that inhibit aggressive immunity.


Scleroderma is quite rarely manifests with pain in the back.

This system is an autoimmune diseasethat affects the joints, blood vessels, muscles and many internal organs: blood vessels, the intestinal tract.

Scleroderma can be pain in the lower back and all along the back up to the neck. The pain is constant, pain is accompanied by a feeling of tightness and muscle weakness.

If you suspect scleroderma should go to a rheumatologist. We will perform a detailed examination, we will evaluate the condition of the skin and joints.

Always impose the analysis of blood, in which they identify the signs of the aggression of the own immunity.

The treatment is similar with the treatment the dermatomiositisa – system anti-inflammatory hormone of the tool.

It is a local form of scleroderma that affects only the skin. The back does not hurt.

The Syndrome Of Sharpe

It is a disease very similar to scleroderma or dermatomyositis.

In its development also involved own immune cells that attack the body. Occurs the back pain, the neck to the lumbar region.

Often, they appear the pains in the joints and other organs, as well as the disease affects the whole body.

The diagnosis of putting very difficult. The doctor, rheumatologist, after inspection and receipt of the results of the investigation, to exclude other systemic diseases. Only in this case one can speak of the probability of syndrome of sharpe.

The long-term treatment, with the use of analgesics, anti-inflammatory medications hormonal medications.

Coagulation system vasculitis

It is a pathology that affects the vessels.

Depending on the size of the vessels – small, medium or large – the system of coagulation vasculitis is divided into a number of diseases.

In the development of any of these vasculitis takes place the attack of the immunity in the walls of their own vessels. They are inflamed, thicken, can be damaged.

If it is of small blood vessels, appears a rash on the skin in the form of small or medium-sized points. The defeat more of the great vessels of the rash that may or may not be, but the involvement of organs, perfused problematic vessels: the kidneys, the heart, the brain.

Cure system of the coagulation vasculitis doctor rheumatologist with vascular media and immunosuppressants.

The pain after a massage

The back pain after a massage can be related to too rough effects of massage.

the treatment of the

Often, especially in sensitive individuals weakens the vessels, after the session, produce small bruises.

This is manifested a strong pain in the back and on the next visit to a massage therapist will be even more painful.

But is that the sensations of pain – is not the fault of massage. When present, a spasm of the muscles, tension, during the massage the muscles relax.

Then the first movements of the hands of the specialist cause unpleasant painful sensations, and at the end of the session, the muscles relax and the pain will pass.

When you urgently to a doctor?

  • Back pain can be completely harmless phenomenon, but sometimes required emergency treatment to the doctor:
  • The back pain is combined with fever – is the epidural abscess.
  • Suspected back and neck pain from the baby up to one year.
  • The pain in combination with vomiting, severe headache in the back of the neck, and the inability to bend the neck forward, we can speak of tuberculous meningitis.
  • The pain has arisen as a result of a blow or a fall on the back.
  • The pain is not provided during the day.

How to relieve the state of the house?

If the pain sensation is not strong, you can try to alleviate the condition at home before the doctor's visit.

  1. You can use packs of leaves of burdock or cabbage: relieve the swelling of the muscles, reduces inflammation in myositis.
  2. The ointment is alcohol-based can be used to osteochondrosis – relax tense muscles and facilitate the state.
  3. It can often help that the guarantee of peace of mind back. Since one of the common causes of pain – on tension and fatigue.

The understanding of the causes of back and neck pain is quite difficult. A lot of the causes can be the cause of the pain. In this article are listed the main of them for your knowledge. Exact diagnosis and treatment you should consult a specialist.

If it hurts the neck and the spine to do

The neck of a person is considered to be quite vulnerable to the part of the trunk, and carries out many vital functions. Therefore, the slightest problems with it causing pain and a lot of people want to know, why it hurts to the spinal column in the neck and what to do in this case.