The pain in the stomach given on the back: causes, symptoms cure

In a timely manner to listen to your body and ignoring the signals it sends, you can avoid the multitude of serious diseases and their serious consequences. In particular, you can not neglect the phenomenon of pain. Free from this painful feeling of the most people with the help of painkillers available in the first aid kit. But this method of treatment is not ideal: the relief given to a temporary, and the problem is not resolved.

pain in the stomach and in the back

If there is pain in the stomach, by its nature and impact in other places, you can assume the sintomatologa of a disease. More often such unpleasant feeling in the epigastric gives in the back. Not experienced in the field of medicine to the person it may seem that the data of the signs are not interconnected and involve different disease. However, he is mistaken: the pain in the epigastric area and the back – often, the symptoms of the dysfunction of an organ.

Possible diseases

1. Probodnaya the (perforative) ulcer.

It is a cross-sectional of a defect in the mucous membrane of the stomach, which produces the fusion of the light is a hollow organ with the abdomen. It is characterized by the pathology as concurrent of the court of back pain (right shoulder, below the spatula, or collarbone) and the epigastric region, and other characteristics:

  • sudden tension of the muscles of the stomach;
  • the tongue of cold sweat;
  • pale of the epidermis;
  • decrease of the blood pressure;
  • the inability to move and breathe deeply.

It is sometimes a complication of being accompanied by vomiting, and several hours later, and the inflammation of the stomach due to the presence of gases.

2. The liver (the gallbladder) colic.

Acute onset of a painful condition, grew and developed in the background of the dyskinesia (disorders of motility) bile ducts. Its symptomatology is manifested brilliant:

  • it produces a sudden stabbing heart attack in the hypochondrium (a person that looks like it hurts the stomach), which hereafter is given in the neck, the back, to the right a spatula (or radiating pain between the shoulder blades);
  • the urine takes on a darker tone;
  • observed nausea and repeated vomiting;
  • increases the temperature of the body;
  • the discoloration is caused from the stool.

3. The appendicitis.

The inflammation of the spindle of the blind gut (appendix), the majority begins with the development of a dull pain in the abdomen, near the navel and radiating to the lower part of your right side and the back. Other symptoms are severe, in a period of 12 to 18 hours is:

  • loss of appetite;
  • frequent attacks of vomiting;
  • liquid or solid form of the chair;
  • the heat combined with the stiffness and the tremor;
  • tenesmus (unproductive, and extremely painful necessity of an act of urinating or defecating).

4. The pancreatitis.

When enzymatic defeat in the pancreas, the patient complains of intense pain in the stomach, resulting in the back and below the rib cage, which instantly intensifies after the intake of food. The patient has a fever, we observe an acceleration of the heart rate, increased blood pressure, stomach bloating, nausea and vomiting. Throughout the day you feel fatigue unexplained, it is possible to fainting.

5. The cholecystitis.

Under this disease, implicate an inflammatory process in the gallbladder, the symptoms are similar in many aspects with hepatic colic. But in the case of the acute form of cholecystitis is characterized by its specificity:

  • specific the pain starts on the right side of the user, and the hypochondrium, gradually covering the greater part of the abdomen (someone can also seem like that is a pain in the stomach) and is reflected in its right hand and in the back;
  • appear the symptom of an exemplary (that is to say, the attacks are intensified by the full stretches the right leg);
  • he noticed the weakening of the body, the discourse of cold sweat, the bitterness in the mouth;
  • decreases the blood pressure;
  • periodically is nausea, vomiting, contain the impurity of bile.
the causes of pain

6. The ileus.

This syndrome, which is characterized by a disorder of the promotion of intestinal contents (of the secretion of the glands of the departments of the intestine and the safety of the masses), is distinguished from the manifestation of the following symptoms:

  • there is a little conspicuous, pain in the lower part of the abdomen, which gives in the left-hand side;
  • increases the temperature of the body;
  • observed seizures (muscle spasm) of the organs of the abdominal cavity;
  • unstable chair.

Often patients indicate that the pain in the stomach in the chest and radiates in the back.

Other causes of pain

In women, when in the stomach the pain shooting in the lower part of the belly and the back, they have a chance of developing an ectopic pregnancy (pregnancy in the fallopian tubes, the cervix, the ovary, or even in the abdominal cavity). If the diagnosis is confirmed, treatment is only possible through surgery (mainly through laparoscopy is an operation that will make 3 of the puncture in the navel area, to the right and to the left).

In the case of leaking of the physiological liquid (masterbatch) pregnancy the pain in the area epigastric, accompanied by the impact in the back, it can mean its complication (up to the threat of interruption) in connection with:

  • stretching of the ligaments that support the uterus;
  • by the excessive tension of muscles of stomach;
  • a state of the gastrointestinal tract.

Often, pain in the stomach given on the back if you have neurological, gynecological, and (fibroid, chronic adnexitis) diseases. These same symptoms often have the disease of the pleura and the lung. So, for example, sensations of pain at the time of pneumonia may simulate an attack of sciatica, and the "acute abdomen using the left or right of the mouth (depending on the location of the inflammatory process in the lungs and the defeat of the work of the pleura).

If there is pain in the lower part of the abdomen with the impact on the kidneys, as well as tingling and burning sensation during urination, it is possible to speak of a urinary tract infection. Side signs will serve:

  • cloudy, dark-colored urine (possibly with blood), and their strong odor;
  • the presence of the yellowish of the award;
  • the feeling of lack to empty the bladder;
  • pain in the body;
  • the acute pain during sexual intercourse (in women).

As well as all the organs of the abdominal cavity get nervous and the protection of the segments of the spine, can not be excluded related to the disease: osteochondrosis breast or back, herniated disk, cancer, lumbago (low back pain in the lumbar region may provide pain not only in the stomach but buttocks and chest), and other pathologies of the back.

To do?

Immediately, what you should do acquired is to adopt a horizontal position in order to reduce the load of the spine and alleviate the pain syndrome. When the attack weakens, especially stand up, can not be and voice: you must first turn to the right or on the left side (not hurt), to be, at the same time based on the two knees, and the palm of the hand, and then move up slowly, using the auxiliary support.

If the pain in the stomach is penetrating, cutting and strong character gives in the neck, the back, the back, the shoulder or the chest of the division, you take the pain reliever anti-inflammatory action. However, to follow the self-care is unacceptable: you should visit your doctor immediately or call an ambulance.

the treatment of the

Timely survey specialist, the step of the assigned activities of diagnosis ( intravenous urography, the procedure for ph-metry, gastroscopy), and the delivery of the required tests (urine, stool, blood) are not only able to solve the unpleasant, sometimes painful, the manifestations of the disease, but also to prevent their possible serious consequences. That's why always, when pain occurs in the stomach, the lower part of the belly, with the irradiacin in the chest, back or other parts of the body, medical attention should be sought. Only a professional diagnosis and treatment – the key to success in the resolution of health problems.