Hurts the back, to what doctor to go to

If you suffer from back pain, which doctor to go is a concern to many people who are faced with the unpleasant issue. Especially with age, the pain in the back every time there is more and more strong, if not solve this problem. You can have a different character: sharp, pain, the. When appear the "terrible" feelings, it produces a feeling of discomfort, the man appear to thoughts, back pain, what doctor to go to, that will help you to deal with this disease. You must first remove the causes of such a state. Only your doctor can provide a correct diagnosis on the basis of a careful inspection, the results of the analysis of the studies.

the back pain

Causes of back pain

Here are the main causes of the appearance of pain:

  1. The neurological disease of nature (hernia of the intervertebral discs).
  2. The curvature of the spine.
  3. A pleural effusion.
  4. The tumor of the education.
  5. Problems with the kidneys.
  6. Different problems related to the internal organs.

All of these options are the reasons they push the patient to think, to what doctor to go to, if you suffer from back pain. It is not worth to make this a serious obstacle to getting the help of this professional in the field of medicine. Remember that without timely treatment, the miracle does not occur, so that it is necessary to address as soon as possible to a doctor. This should be done, above all, to the problems in this field do not have to be repeated and strengthened over time. You can, in some situations, when the correct diagnosis) lead to the deterioration of the: hypothermia; the lifting of large objects; the infection.

If you have a chronic illness and this adds to the back pain which doctor to go to, issue that should be simple, make an appointment with your doctor. Different pathologies can cause pain of any kind, then you must take into account. For example, if you have in this moment plaintive laments of pain, then this may be related to the muscle, the inflammation, it will require the assistance of a medical doctor a neurologist.

To what doctor to go to if you suffer from back pain and there's a stabbing sensation? This problem may appear due to certain pathologies in the respiratory system or the genitourinary. In this situation, you need the help of a urologist or pulmonologist. Stab in the back can also for the reason that the man tore the back, so if you suffer from lower back pain, doctors-neurologists help.

The question arises as to what doctor to go to if you suffer from back pain, if you don't know. The spine is a doctor that deals with the study of the spines and their pathologies. He will look at you carefully and you will be a general overview of the disease.

Have low back pain or osteochondrosis, hernia and it hurts my back a doctor needs to do in this situation? Here will help you experienced neurologist. You can also diagnose the inflammatory process.

To what doctor to go to if you suffer from back pain spine of the woman? Gynecologist these unpleasant sensations that can talk to you about an ectopic pregnancy or inflammation of the sexual system. In addition, even completely healthy in pregnancy can be a cause of the appearance of discomfort in the lumbar area.

If you constantly suffer from lower back pain to receive proper medications you can assign only the doctor, who has already put the correct diagnosis on the basis of the results of the survey, the analysis.

After the fall from a height, an accident hurts my back doctor will look closely, it's not worth the adjustment with the visit of a professional. Otherwise, the consequences can be severe. If the person has received serious injury, here and to think much is not necessary, it is urgent, you should call an ambulance. This will be the only correct decision.

Severe pain in the back a doctor will help you to deal with this phenomenon? If you do not know who to turn to sign up to the doctor. The sooner you come to a doctor, the faster you will be able to get rid of the disease, which for a long time bothered her.

If the neurologist has not put the diagnosis, but continues the pain in the back a doctor cure where to turn? Sign up for the appointment with the urologist. The cause of your problem may be the signal of the sick, poor, of the kidneys.

Unexpected, sharp pains in the back, the doctor will help you to solve the problem, but to do this you need some time you should spend in a detailed study of the body and to obtain accurate results of analysis.

If you need an endocrinologist is a treating doctor of pain in the back, associated with the lack of micronutrients, referred to, for example, calcium, hurry up to come to him and receive recommendations.

the causes of pain

In the event that the cause of the arthritis or osteoarthritis appeared a pain in the back to what doctor to go to? In this situation, it will help you experienced a rheumatologist. He carefully examines the connective tissue. Severe back pain to where to go? Of course, it is necessary to undertake and to assist the doctor in the clinic, trusting your present health professionals. That no matter the question, the back pain is a medical need, in the health center that will undoubtedly recommend to go to an experienced specialized.

If you believe that you are worried about old wounds, appeared a pain in the back to what doctor to go to? Here you carefully see a doctor-orthopedist, we explore the past problems, it is possible that you hit the back, after having worked hard.

Lumbago, back pain is who to contact in this situation? Sign up to an oncologist, since the unpleasant sensations (low back pain) can be a tumor as benign, and the malignity of nature. It's not worth the adjustment with the up to a technical specialist.

Therefore, if you have any questions, back pain which doctor to go to first sign up to a therapist, they will send you to a specialist (nevrologu, urologist, endocrinologist).

If you suffer from back pain which doctor should treat

The question of to what doctor to go to if you suffer from lower back pain, the answer is comprehensible to a technician with experience. Of course the first time you are facing this problem, nobody got no diagnosis, then you should make an appointment with a therapist, a general practitioner. Only after the doctor carefully you will see, will ask you some questions, you may require the advice of other specialists. If you suffer from back pain receipt of the following doctors will be needed:

  1. The medical neurologist.
  2. The doctor urologist.
  3. Gynecologist.

Each of these professionals carefully, you will look and will schedule a proper inspection, to ensure an accurate diagnosis. This will depend on its subsequent treatment.

If you are constantly worried about the pain in the back to what doctor to go to for advice and recommendations. If the cause lies in the condition of the spine, then you will take care of a true professional in the field, experience in the spinal column. In that case, if there has been nerve, nervous tissue annoying concept of inflammatory process, then you need to look in the cabinet of the neurologist. But, when the main problem lies in the state of the internal organs, then you should consult a cardiologist.

The diagnosis

To determine the causes that have led to the pain, not only it will be necessary to the examination of the doctor, but also a number of additional studies, without which it is impossible to present a complete picture of the that has emerged in the problem situation. Each patient can be assigned:

  1. The x-ray of the spine.
  2. Analysis of blood and urine.
  3. Ultrasound of the hip joints.

Thanks to the data of the analysis can exclude some diseases and get the correct diagnosis.

Methods of treatment of back pain

They have developed some methods to get rid of painful sensations:

  1. The practice of chiropractic.
  2. Therapeutic exercise.
  3. The massage.

In complex cases, it is not possible to do without the surgical intervention. In addition, for the treatment require special, designated by the dr. drugs. They contribute to the reduction of painful sensations. Physical therapy procedures are also not less effective way to get rid of the unpleasant pain. If you have the financial ability, you can allow it to relax in the spas of mud.

Therefore, only an integrated approach works, fast enough and effective for treating your back pain. Not to forget the recommendations of the expert doctor, only a professional, based on your experience, knowledge will prescribe a treatment that will help you to avoid the negative consequences.

The prevention of the

If you don't want to be found with pain sensations in the back area, it is important to pay attention to the following important and easily applicable recommendations:

treatment and prevention of
  1. Sleep is necessary to sufficiently stretch of bed with, not the soft mattress.
  2. Always keep the correct posture, make sure that data at the time.
  3. You do not need much time to be in the same position (especially if it's uncomfortable for you). If you work for the team, while often small breaks during which you will be able to stretch, move and engage.
  4. Correctly organize their work place, all should be, as you feel comfortable and convenient: take the chair necessarily with a backup, best of all, if you are armrest, head restraints (this will help to give a little bit of spin the head and loosen tight muscles). Remember that your forearms should be at the table, and not be somewhere in the weight in the air.

The young people need a great deal of attention to the shoes with high heels, you don't have to walk in those shoes for more than two hours a day. Do not make sudden turns or inclines, avoid unexpected loads. In that case, if you have to lift a particular object, best of all, a little sit down and do his work, that lean. In addition, if for some reason you fall a long distance, for example, of several hours on public transport, then you will surely find a point of support on which you can easily rely on. Make sure by its own weight, the extra pounds negatively on the health of your body. Contact with the regular practice of gymnastics. This will positively influence your state of health. Swimming and the gym also are far not less important in the care of himself.