Why it hurts the back below the ribs?

Clear pain in the area of the ribs and the back is able to rile anyone. The attack of pain – there is no reason to panic, and the possibility of understanding their diseases. Pain is a signal that it is necessary to take some measures. In typical cases of pain in the area of the ribs and the back are quite right.

causes of back pain and ribs

Group of diseases in which the pain below the ribs

You can select several of the major diseases:

  • Of digestive diseases – pancreatitis or inflammation of the pancreas, cholecystitis, disease of the spleen;
  • Injuries: contusions and rib fractures, broken spleen;
  • Diseases of the respiratory system – pleurisy, pneumonia;
  • Urolithiasis, especially renal colic;
  • The osteochondrosis and intervertebral hernia;
  • The disease of the peripheral nerves – intercostal neuralgia, as well as autonomic of the violation, in which the pain roam around the entire surface of the back.

It's not worth trying to find out the cause of the same, in the minimum of the survey of the region of the back behind enough 2-3 hours.

The pain in case of violation of digestion is always associated with a margin of error in the power supply, and the exacerbation of chronic diseases, it causes the low season. The classic moment of pain to cholecystitis – after 2-4 hours after eating a lot, when to break down the food package requires enzymes and gastric juices.

The pain in the back when the pancreatitis is very strong, "dagger", to the left of the ribs, the attack can last up to two days. Causes of the hardening of fatty foods, especially in combination with alcohol.

My ribs hurt and the back, while the stretching of the capsule of the spleen, this is to diseases of the blood, chronic slow infections, septicemia, autoimmune processes. Such pains in the area of the ribs with the food almost, they are not.

The injury that suffers from back pain

The most dangerous are the injuries of the spleen and the liver, their jumps. These organs – parenchyma, are actively involved in the operation of the fabric, which is confined to the capsule.

Parenchyma – the fabric of the authority that performs the same function. Thus, the parenchyma of the liver consists of hepatocytes.

By the structure of this fabric is soft, very few of the support elements. Resist mechanical abrasion parenchyma can not. When broken, the capsule of the cell of "fallen". Such jumps dangerous, massive loss of blood, because the vessels in the parenchyma literally, everywhere.

Any blow or injury in the area of the ribs of the man, necessarily sent in a medical institution and the limitation of there only when it is not detected any sign of internal bleeding.

It is dangerous also hematoma retroperitoneal space, in which the back hurts me in the back. This can result in an injury of the kidneys and adrenal glands, as well as 12 duodenal. Concerned not only the pain below the ribs, on the back of the rear, but a weakness, accompanied by the fall of the blood pressure.

In comparison with the gap of the liver or spleen, fracture of the ribs – where a lower risk. You just have to follow to ensure that the piece has not crossed plevralnuyu the cavity.

Pleura and kidney

The pain in the back and the area of the ribs can be dry pleurisy, when the leaves of the pleura rub the friend of a friend. This is possible when you run the process, the cancer process in the lungs. This type of pain intensifies the movement, coughing or sneezing. Is also concerned about the lack of breath, and in the nasolabial triangle that appears in the color blue.

When any pain in the chest or back, it is desirable to perform an ecg to rule out myocardial infarction.

Resciesa pain in the area of the back and ribs is a discharge of the substance from the urinary tract. Especially hard to leave urate – stones composed of potassium and sodium salts of uric acid. By the way it seem to the beans. They have a great size, very dense. The ureter must be primarily and substantially, to ignore this stone.

the treatment of the back

In oxalates – less dense, small, easy to collapse, but they are injured on your way to the inner part of the urinary tract, necessarily causing the inflammation.

The neurological causes

It is a variety of the infringement of the nerve roots that leave the spinal cord. The spine can be damaged hernia, be compressed into the bone canal, the muscle, the piece of the vertebra, the ligament, the diadem of the vertebra. The pain in the back and in the ribs very strong, it is sometimes impossible to breathe.

Great distress – intercostal neuralgia, when a throbbing pain permeates in every breath, pain in all areas of the back and chest. This disease is a complication of the degeneration of the processes that happen in the spine and not only. Contribute to the development of the types of infringement, the carrier state of the virus, endocrine diseases and rhythm disturbances of the heart, or of the contractile capacity of the myocardium, when the tissues do not receive enough food and oxygen.

Is not clear the mechanism of development of violations of the vegetative, the wave that will change the physiological parameters (respiratory rate, heart rate and blood pressure), all accompanied by a migration of the pain in the back and ribs.