Pain in the lower part of the back

Pain in the bottom

If it hurts the treants back, this fact may point to the presence of the most various ailments. However, not all aware that these demonstrations are not always a result of alterations in the normal functioning of the or injuries of the spine. So as not to cause damage to the body, bad interpreted the symptoms and selecting the incorrect treatment, it is worthwhile to identify the exact cause of the pain syndrome.

Why it hurts the back ent

The majority of cases, the syndrome of pain, located directly in the bottom of the back, really are related to the state of the spinal column. According to the data of statistics of health, often the emergence of pain caused by these diseases, such as inflammatory disease which contributes to limiting the mobility of the spine and osteochondrosis. Also to the "main" factors are different dystrophic and degenerative changes that occur in the column of the spine. In addition, are the causes that often lead to discomfort and pain in the lower region of the back:

  • the effects of the diseases of the kidneys, the pelvis of organs and diseases, character of infection;
  • atypical acute appendicitis severe, as well as a variety of gastrointestinal diseases, including the plague, and intestinal obstruction;
  • failures in the functioning of spinal blood supply, which are often the consequences drawn strokes;
  • the narrowing of the spinal canal;
  • long stay in the same pose and the chronic disease of the hypothermia;
  • if the man fell back;
  • fractures and injuries of the spine.
 Why it hurts the back ent

Pain syndrome located in the lower part of the back during pregnancy is of general use, it is not associated with the mechanical damage of the spine. Due to the greater load on each of the segments of the vertebral column (especially in length), they have to "bend" and cause patients severe discomfort.

Diseases of the reach, the changes in the hormone level of the chronic diseases, the stress, the constant tension of the muscles throughout the work day, as well as the hernia from between the vertebrae in the same way can be the causes of pain in the lower back.

How to establish the exact cause of the appearance of pain in the lower back

The pain in the lower part of the back to the right, which is acute, and more often related to the constant disorders of posture and prolonged uncomfortable for a period position. In some cases, the pain syndrome, localized in the subject, you can talk about the transition between the vertebrae disks. In addition, these manifestations are often related to overweight, obesity, and disorders in the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract.

If it hurts the ents of the back of the left and, often, it indicates that the sign of serious pathological processes that occur in the body of the patient. This fact may speak of the presence of tuberculosis, degenerative disc disease in the chronic form, or curvature of the spine. Next to this pain syndrome may also be associated with one of the following diseases:

  • angina pectoris;
  • a severe form of acute pneumonia;
  • myocardial infarction;
  • stones in the kidney.

The woman of the manifestation of the pain syndrome in the lower back is commonly divided into two categories:

  1. Pull the pain, accompanied by an acute feeling and can cause discomfort during a long period of time, often talk about the presence of inflammatory processes of the internal organs, tendons and tissues.
  2. In the case of a sudden worsening of intense armbar the syndrome of a medical emergency. This discomfort is often associated with the eye internal bleeding, rupture of an organ or peritonitis.

If a woman has back pain and the lower part of the belly at the same time, this fact tends to indicate an ectopic pregnancy. Expressed pain syndrome that is accompanied by dizziness and nausea, you can talk about apoplexy (rupture) in the ovary. Pain syndrome in the lumbar region commonly manifests itself in the form of chronic acute pain, becoming more intense after a long stay in an uncomfortable position or of the high of the exercise. If the pain shoots up into the leg, it is necessary for urgent diagnosis, since this may be a symptom of between the vertebrae of the hernia.

Hormonal changes, swelling and inflammatory processes that occur directly in the genitourinary system, may be the causes of pain in the lower back after menstruation. The uterus, in such a case, often bent back, which causes pressure on the nerves and causes a strong discomfort.

Can the back to hurt the lower part of the belly

This symptomatology is common for cystitis severe and a number of other diseases related to urethra system. This problem commonly impacts the female part of the population, and the reason that there may also be problems with the bowel, adneksitom or a cyst in the ovary. Similar pain syndrome often manifests itself when the change of life, as the body stops producing certain hormones in the amount needed.

Can the back to hurt the lower part of the belly
Important! Receiving drugs against pain is able to cut the manifestations of the pain syndrome. However, this step does not work in the task of getting rid of the causes of the discomfort.

Other causes

Many people experience pain, localized in the lower back after a workout or intense physical activity. In the group of primary risk are people who participate in contact sports and the different martial arts. The abundance of releases, sudden movements and bad falls often lead to the disruption of the functioning of the spine and other damage. If the pain increases immediately after training, it is worthwhile to make a pause and to make an appointment with the authority for the attention of the person.

If ent in the back starts to hurt after the exercises with the bar, the cause may be factors:

  1. In the incorrect position of the waist. Some of the new athletes who strive at once to take large weight, are too often bend the back, which causes the displacement of the vertebrae and a series of other negative effects.
  2. Correct grip. Therefore, athletes who do not possess the proper experience, it is recommended to only use the classic grip, or use a special strap.
  3. The sudden jerks. All the movements during the work with the bar and other sports projectiles, you should try to make the maximum softness.
 Other causes
Important! Before you begin the exercises with a bar, better pre-strengthen the muscles of the lower back with the help of exercises for the lower back and other exercises with your own weight.

Men pain syndrome, localized in the lower back, often associated with the sitting on the work table, as a driver or the operator of pc. However, at the onset of the discomfort and pain not only affects the sedentary lifestyle, but and physical burdens, without due rest. Therefore, it is worthwhile to stick a good balance, alternating the activity with full relaxation.

What to do when the pain in the lower back

Before you begin the treatment, you must establish the exact cause of the appearance of the pain syndrome. For the installation of the most accurate way possible the diagnosis of the pay a visit to the following doctors:

  • the therapist;
  • the gynecologist;
  • proctologist;
  • the urologist;
  • a doctor of the respiratory system;
  • the cardiologist;
  • the doctor who deals with the treatment of wounds and after an injury syndromes;
  • a doctor that deals with the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of infectious diseases;
  • the gastroenterologist.

If the woman hurts the lower part of the belly and in the back, this is because you can be as with the menopause and with the consequences of stress and blown nervous disorders. In such cases, the pain syndrome often accompanied by irritability and change in mood. If it hurts the lower part of the belly and the back at the same time that man is, probably, seala on the presence of inflammatory process in the scope of the chronic phase.

 What to do

In the case of occurrence of pain syndrome at the walk, located in the lower back, it is worthwhile to give general bioqumicas and pass the magnetic resonance imaging and computer diagnostics. On the basis of the results of the research, as well as the patient's complaints and visual inspection, the physician should assign more appropriate to drug therapy, and manual therapy.

Important! The pain in the location of the back that occurs after a massage, it can be quite normal consequence of the surge of blood to the morning, to the division. However, in the event that the discomfort and the pain does not calm down after a short period of time, it is definitely worth consulting a doctor.

That spread problematic in the case of exacerbation of pain syndrome? Commonly in this type of situations are mapped and combined anti-inflammatory ointments and creams. If the patient does not have allergic reactions to beekeeping products, you may be assigned to products that contain bee venom.

 How to get rid of the pain

How to get rid of these unpleasant manifestations? First of all, it is necessary to follow one's own posture throughout the work day. Also deserves special attention, regular application of a complex exercise of physical culture and medical follow a diet that includes:

  • raw fruits and vegetables;
  • the natural oils of plants;
  • the consumption of bananas, garlic, nuts, spinach and a variety of other products;

The diet should be accompanied by the resignation of coffee, alcohol, strong tea, as well as of fats, fried and smoked food. Excellent preventive activities are the access to the pool and daily walks in the open air.