If the back pain does not pass

99% of the causes of pain in the back - the violation of a provision of the vertebrae and, as a consequence, the nerve hence the pain. If you don't want to go to the doctor can be cured by itself, of course, with care. One of the most faithful of the means of treatment of the spine - stretching. In the morning after sleeping do normal stretching, that we all know - the hand up and reaching out. Drag with care the first time the pain stop. Therefore, first drag to a minimum. What is stretching you perform is not only in the morning, but throughout the day, as it appears in the free time. In parallel, you can perform visy, but not as they do on the fixed bar. You will be connected to the hands by a protrusion, for example, behind a cupboard, and a little to tuck in the knees, the spine stretched.Drag also before the first discomfort. And yet. Lie on the floor face up, pull the hands in to the seams, the palms of the hands on the floor. Then start to raise your legs up as high as possible, drag, and also, even the smallest pain. In general, for each year calculate the maximum threshold of stretching,after which it begins the pain. Follow every day, often, should help.Stretching and opening the vertebrae, little by little put in its place,reduces the density of the compression of the vertebrae from each other, corrects posture.

the back pain

I also suffer from lower back pain since childhood. I wonder:and by the cerebral palsy I'm with wheels, cane, and td is the load on the spinal column huge. But there is an exit and not a:

  1. massage - it can be done,as professional and family member (only knead, for the circulation of the blood improves.
  2. Very often, back pain, if it comes from the vrtebra or disk - it is necessary to placed and the pain will pass.In edit can a chiropractor or an orthopedist.
  3. Hot water bath - relieves fatigue; he shall cast salt (if salts are deposited in the neck or back, it is creepy);
  4. In that tub (or before it), you can add a little sea salt (I take of the leaves) - the effect is even better.
  5. Warm paraffin is a great help.

And pure to my advice, do not regret money and buy a massager for the body. I am angry and I bought a - lot of the back and legs in the winter are painful - I do not sleep. This massager vibration makes massage and improving the circulation of the blood; if something has accumulated - will; it is very relaxing and relieves pain.In the practical work.

The causes of back pain can be a great multitude,so that in no case is self -!Sometimes I have a sore back.the man rubbed of the sciatica,and in reality the problems with the kidneys or of the female part. Here he also suffered from acute back pain,many times the neurologist at the reception desk was until she told me to do ultrasound of the internal organs. And what You think? The cause of the pain was a stone in the gallbladder.After your(bubble) removed,the pain had disappeared as if by magic. so go to a doctor and to be surveyed as it is due.

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I think that the back pain is known to each person. The reasons for their appearance a lot. This and the load in the back, the drawback postures, etc., But all this is not serious. These pains will disappear with time. Well, and if the pain does not spend a lot of time and more constantly reinforcing must immediately consult a medical specialist. Only he is able to determine the cause, and that means assigning the treatment. To relieve the pain by means you can consider a massage in the back. I recommend. Worse is not exactly that will be.

back pain can be due to many reasons. it is possible, for a long time were in the tension or doing a job and have not been bent. it is possible, it starts on the low back pain. if this pain is not frequent, will help you massage. ask one of the relatives, feel better. good or, at least, relax on a solid surface flat. if the pain for a long time do not pass is not one of the remedies! immediately go to the hospital to receive from your doctor.

Back pain #8212; what to do?

If you plagued with constant pains in the back, even in a state of tranquillity hurts my back, what should I do? Necessarily you should go to the hospital. And don't look for excuses, there's no time for that. Otherwise, after a time, you have to bring it to the ambulance.

And don't wait on the healing. Because the back pain did not appear instantly, they became the cause of some type of overload, of the health problems. Therefore, in most cases, it will be necessary to comprehensive long-term treatment.

Back pain: causes

According to medical statistics, back pain is feel around 90 percent of people under the age of 30 years. The most common cause of pain in the back, which represent 80% of the cases, the weakness of the muscles. This is the result of a number of diseases. Here are the main causes of these pains.

  1. A frequent cause of back pain is the pathology of the lumbar spine .
  2. The same headaches can lead to a variety of organ diseases. located in the abdominal cavity .
  3. Also the pain can cause pathological biochemical changes in the body.
  4. Often various infections and inflammatory processes cause similar armbar syndromes.
  5. No less common causes of back pain – a variety of injuries, sprains .
  6. Doctors also known as causes of headaches some of the psychological factors .
  7. Often arise back pain during pregnancy, especially in the later dates.
causes of back pain

In each of these cases, it is possible to distinguish many options, the cause of the pain. For example, an injury, a sprain can cause:

  • muscles of the back;
  • the stretching of the muscles;
  • suddenly a sharp movement, leading to the trembling of the spine;
  • the appearance of cracks in the vertebrae and much more.

Back pain between the shoulder blades

It is difficult to immediately put an accurate diagnosis if you have pain between the shoulder blades. For example, the cause may be the osteochondrosis, is widespread in our time the disease. Also, the pain may be from stretching of the muscles, ligaments, tendons. As you find out the cause of the pain? Here are some of the symptoms .

  1. If you feel a burning sensation, tightness between the shoulder blades, and after stirring shoulders the pain, you can talk about muscle aches .
  2. When the pain is felt between the shoulder blades and in the heart, the cause may be the heart or the pathology of the thoracic spine .
  3. If the sore burst and a long time ago that did not pass, causing numbness, the causes may be in the tendons .

The osteochondrosis

It is one of the most popular today, diagnoses, associated in the majority of cases, the modern life style. Many patients do not even try to tackle this problem. And this approach is wrong.

Little by little the osteochondrosis deforms the tissue, the vertebrae, thinning, leads to delamination. This raises serious headaches and consequences.

The osteochondrosis can be lumbar, breast and neck band. Here are the first signs of degenerative disc disease:

  • rapid fatigue of the back;
  • the numbness from the legs to the seat of the debt;
  • frequent and prolonged headaches;
  • the pain in the lumbar area, neck, other departments of the spinal column.

The ointments and the pricks of pain in the back

How to cure back pain. Many experts will tell you that the best treatment of back pain is prevention. Urge to vacation in the spine. If the pain does not pass, it carries out a careful examination, x-rays, analyses, and prescribes a treatment.

When the pains are assigned some pain medicine .

Help you aches and pains in the back of the ointment.

If the ointment does not there are to the hand, you can use the rubbing alcohol and sabotado the back warm things.

Keep the spinal column in heat. For this, you can use the belts special. There is no treatment does not work, if you do not comply with this rule.

Are used to relieve back pain when walking or seat, and various corsets, trusses .

As prescribed by the doctor injections allow you to fairly quickly bring down the sensations of pain. The appointment of punctures is strictly individual.

New studies have demonstrated the efficacy of the use for the treatment of pain in the spinal injections of ozone .

There is the practice of injections of corticosteroids into the epidural space. These tools are generally used for the treatment of patients with sciatica.

The prevention of back pain

So that the back hurt is due to the young age of dealing with the prevention of these problems. We offer some regulations and recommendations. that help maintain the health of your back up to old age.

Try not to write a large amount of weight, which seriously affects the health of the spine, causing the exorbitant charge.

Excellent the prevention of back pain is free, that allows you to train the muscles without the need of high loads on the spine.

Often go hiking. So it strengthens not only the spine, but also your immunity.

When the onset of back pain, immediately consult a specialist. The early diagnosis allows you to get rid of the pain much faster than the commencement of the disease.

The back pain

the treatment of the back

Low back pain involve a list of diseases that share clinical manifestations. The pain in the back area experience each year up to 70% of the people of the developed countries of the world. In this indicator are men and women over the age of 35 #8212; 55 years of age. It is not the exception, the pain in the back and the children, that unfortunately, in the last decades led to the long seat by the computer and a minimum of physical exercise, which includes the practice of sports.

The back pain is chronic and acute. It can develop suddenly or gradually, and when this being that it hurts a long time, obtuse, or acute, and sharply occurs and spreads rapidly. Unpleasant feelings, and the tranquil state, and with the cough, at the time of sneeze or careless motion. It is a sign that the body began to have problems with the spine and the surrounding muscles.

The causes of pain in the back

In most cases, the onset of back pain is the result of damage in the skeletal muscles of the appliance. The next factor by which to produce the feeling of pain in the spinal region are the changes in the vertebral column, such as a hernia of the intervertebral discs. In very rare cases, the pain appears as a result of a serious illness, for example, as the cancer of bones. No less important are the tumors and the inflammatory processes of the internal organs of the person. Very often, conditions of painful sensations is considered ischemic heart disease and angina.

The main causes of back pain are:

  • The spasms of the muscles;
  • The stretching of the ligaments;
  • Bleeding within the pelvis;
  • The infection;
  • Metastatic cancer;
  • The pregnancy and much more.

Diseases that cause pain in the back:

  • The kyphosis;
  • The scoliosis;
  • The protrusion of a disc in the division of the spinal column;
  • The osteochondrosis;
  • Spondiloarthrosis;
  • Shoulder-scapular periarthrosis;
  • Intercostal neuralgia, or lumbago;
  • The endometriosis;
  • The stones in the kidneys and much more.

Permanent (chronic) back pain:

If the pain in the back above the lumbar area is a typical symptom of degenerative disc disease, the cause of which may be the tiredness, the curvature of the posture due to a long seat by the place of work. Surrounding the pain sensations, which manifest themselves periodically or continuously irradiated to the abdominal region, is associated with tumors of the internal organs, stomach ulcer and acute pancreatitis.

The pain in the lumbar area can also give in the feet. Cause your illness behtereva, low back pain, intervertebral hernia. When the back pain between the shoulder blades, in the chest, and there is no increase of the temperature, among the possible causes were identified in osteochondrosis of breastfeeding and of the spine, as well as the uncomfortable position of the body.

Suddenly emerge from the back pain:

  • And is manifested with an increase of the temperature of the body in the upper department with symptoms of diseases common cold, tuberculosis and other respiratory diseases.
  • Pain in the lower region of the back may be due to inflammatory processes of the genital organs. Occur as a result of disease: endometriosis. the prostatitis. fibroids, etc
  • A sharp pain in the back, which can be, as with the right side and the left side of the signal problems with the kidneys or pochechnokamennoy the disease.

What to do when your back pain?

There are many different methods for the treatment of pain and effective the outrage of the symptoms. More often in the initial phase of the therapy, doctors recommend the use of pills against back pain.

The most effective to get rid of the pain is:

In general, the treatment of data drug passes well and without adverse consequences. But it is necessary to point out that all pain medications have a negative influence on the stomach and does not rule out an allergic reaction to them.

To relieve the muscle spasms, the doctor will examine and treat the muscle relaxants. These include:

If the disease is difficult to recommend drugs from the tool. This is mainly drug in the form of injection or intramuscular or intravenous application.

These drugs are:

Also, in addition to the above methods of fight against the signs of syndrome of pain, you can use the local resources.

A number of the popular ointments of back pain are:

Have the heating, cooling, anti-inflammatory, regenerating, analgesic, resolving actions.

In some very severe cases, recommend drugs drugs for anesthesia. Usually prescribed when cancer and tumors.

The surgical intervention

the prevention of the

The surgery can be considered in case of back pain caused by herniated intervertebral disc, stenosis of the spinal canal, or the sciatica that do not respond to treatment with medications or physical therapy.

Other forms of treatment

At this stage of the development of humanity, there are other methods of treatment, such as yoga, massage, acupuncture. Chiropractic, acupuncture or massage for pain in the back every time more fashionable.

For the main mass of the people, these methods have all possibilities to exist, and that may be useful, as well as any of us have a reaction to the pain, not leaving without attention and looking for different ways for relief.